Billoomi Fashion® is a full-service high quality clothing manufacturer. We're famed for sourcing best quality of material and manufacturer extraordinary piece of garment; precisely matching your custom design details. The scope of clothing manufacturing is very wide and that carries 10+ years of experience backed by a dynamic team of long standing skilled employees! 

Except designing, we do everything starting from sourcing of desired fabric to delivering neatly packed (ready to sell) garment to your doorstep.

All our services are dedicated to export orders only.

Fabric Sourcing for Sampling and Production of Private Label Clothing

Sourcing or Production of Fabrics

We believe that products are only as good as the materials they are made of. That is why we place a high priority on finding the best materials and at the best prices. Be it sustainable eco-friendly fabric or synthetic, we're having a very good network of trusted suppliers and mills on panel who works from last several years with Billoomi Fashion®.

Sourcing and Development of Custom Trims for Private Label Clothing

Sourcing or Development of Trims

Trims could be threads, buttons, lining, beads, zippers, motifs, patches etc. We as your potential private label clothing manufacturer we have the capability to source all kinds of trims for you. We at Billoomi Fashion® are equipped to customize almost all your trims depending upon the minimums. 

Pattern Making Services for Private Label Clothing Manufacturing

Pattern Making

Our pattern masters infuse life in the rough sketch by cutting papers! Regardless of the style details, Billoomi Fashion® is having the best brains that bring the concept into reality. 

We are well versed with both digital as well as manual patterns.

Pattern Grading for Womens Clothing Manufacturing

Pattern Grading

For grading, you need to provide the basic measurement of your design for just one size and rest we do which also attested by the size set samples at the time of production. Billoomi Fashion® does FREE grading against your production order.

Sampling and prototyping for Womens Clothing Manufacturing

Sampling / Prototyping

Understanding the importance of sampling and prototyping, we have an in-house sampling team. We at Billoomi Fashion® do all kinds of sampling and takes your approval before we begin the production. Billoomi Fashion® strongly believes that - "Better the sample, better the production". 

Fabric Dyeing Womens Clothing Manufacturing

Fabric Dyeing

All you need to specify your preferred color code (Pantone). Rest we're well equipped to dye your desired fabric in your desired color. 

Billoomi Fashion® is having team of experts and before proceeding for dying, we may recommend for color and fabric result probability in advance.

Fabric Printing for Womens Clothing Manufacturing

Fabric Printing

Be it hand block printing or screen or digital. Billoomi Fashion® does all kinds of fabric printing. All you need to provide your print design. For other than digital printing, a minimum will be applied depending upon your design details and fabric you choose.

EMBROIDERY for Womens Clothing Manufacturing

Embroidery (Hand + Computer)

Be it computer embroidery or hand embroidery. We're carrying super-specialty to provide you all kinds of embroidery as per your design requirements. Billoomi Fashion® is all set to impress you!


Smocking / Sequins / Beaded / Crystal

In case your design requires any kinds of smockign, sequins, beads or crystal works, we - your potential small batch clothing manufacturers takes pride in delivering high-quality hand as well as machine work precisely matching your given designs. Billoomi Fashion® is proud to have great artisan in its network.

Denim Washing for Manufacturing of Denim Outfits at Billoomi Fashion

Denim Washing Effects

We frequently manufacture all kinds of denim outfits and as all know, washing is very crucial to get the desired look on denim. At Billoomi Fashion® we carry great know-how to bring the desired denim look with all kinds of washing starting from 4.5 Oz to 16 Oz for shirting to Jeans.

Fabric Cutting for Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer

Fabric Cutting

We're equipped to cut any width fabric. Our modular cutting table is handled by the very finest cutter to ensure low waste cutting of your styles.

Be it plus size clothing to small baby onesies, Billoomi Fashion® is well equipped to meet your requirement. 

Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturer

Sewing / Stitching

Loaded with the latest generation of sewing machines, we ensure quick and effective stitching of your garments. 

Billoomi Fashion® is equipped to meet any small and large production order.

Finishing and Quality Control at Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers


Each and every piece of the garment goes through a finishing team which includes pressing, thread cutting, initial checking etc. In case any issues are found, we at Billoomi Fashion® either fix it or in case of issues can not be fixed, then we put it into rejection. Later on rejections may be distributed among needy people free of cost.

Quality Control at Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers

Quality Control

Billoomi Fashion® works on the "Quality First" policy. Our quality team remains active right at the time of sourcing of fabric till the final packing of finished garments.


At every critical stage, Billoomi Fashion® ensures that the quality is under control and as per the approval we have by you.

Packing and Dispatch at Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers

Packing and Dispatch

Last but not least, we pack each of your garments in a clear bag (preferably bio-degradable) and all go inside a carton.


Billoomi Fashion® has its standard packing. In case any custom packing instruction is there for your brand, we can do that too.

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