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Ask for FREE Fabric Swatch by Billoomi Fashion

Ask for FREE Fabric Swatch

Simplifying Your Fabric Selection

We strongly believe that an outfit is as good as the fabric you choose. Hence we always source the best of the best quality fabric for our clients and the difference you know only when an outfit is made out of the fabric we source or a piece of fabric swatch comes to your hand to realize the touch and feel.

We're offering FREE fabric swatch way before you place the sampling or production order. This helps you to understand the entire costing, the difference why we're the best and further it empowers you to add variety in your collection.

In last 15 years of our working as clothing manufacturer for world's most prestigious clothing label, the one thing that has helped us to win over the competitors is - our strong and direct connection with high-quality fabric production mills.


What are you waiting for? Hit the blue tab below and allow our team to understand your requirement and offer you a set of FREE fabric swatch ethically sourced from our trusted suppliers. 

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