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Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to answer some essential questions regarding custom clothing manufacturing services and business practice we follow at Billoomi Fashion. We strongly recommend checking it before approaching.

01. I'm from India and want to start my garment business. How can you help me?

We're 100% export house and deal into overseas manufacturing (export) orders only. It essentially means that we accept the payments in foreign currency only (such as USD, GBP, Euro etc) and deliver the goods out of India. 

02. Send me your catalogue so that I can see your items.

  • We do not maintain any product catalogue and price list as such. 
  • We do not have any stock surplus either. We send all what we manufacture for our client against that specific order. 
  • We do not sell rejections as well. We rather do FREE distribution of stock among the poor or destroy; if any.
  • Our confidentiality policy does not allow to sell one client's style to another.

03. What is your price list?

Our prices are not fixed. We need to know your design detailing, specification (material name / base fabric at least) and total quantity (whatever small or big) which you want us to produce for you; accordingly we will work out the production prices. In true sense we're custom clothing manufacturer and ONLY produce "made-on-order" garments.

04. I am looking for a wholesaler to buy ready stock for my fashion/clothing boutique, can I see your collection?

We are not a fashion wholesaler and we do not carry any seasonal collections or stock. We're a "made-on-order" private label clothing manufacturer and produce as per given design and quantity instructions received from our clients. We make fresh pieces and entire quantity we ship to clients. Also, our company policy does not allow to sell one client's style to other.

05. What is your minimums / MOQ?

We do accept 25 pieces per design (including mix sizes) unless you want any kind of customization on base fabric. Minimum varies based on style detailing or customization you want on base fabric. For example, if you want us to develop very own custom print for your collection then this minimum will be different than if you want to use single color fabric. 

Hence the best if you get this confirmed once you share your requirement details to us.

06. What type of garments do you manufacture?

We're equipped to manufacture all kinds of woven and knitted garments for men, women and kids with super specialization in embroidery, fabric printing, yard dye, natural dye, sequins and beaded works, handsmocking, denim washing effects and lot more!

Kindly note, we do not manufacture any garments using original leather. Besides that, we're not manufacturing caps, socks, lingeries, Indian ethnic wears, footwear and jewellery.

07. What is the cost of X type of garment?

Being a “made on order” factory, our production prices are not fixed. Rather we work out the price for each of your garment based on style detailing and total quantity. Hence this is premature to give you any random price without understanding your design, specification and total quantity. Only sampling price is fixed.

08. Do you have X type of fabric / trim?

Strategically located in National Capital Region of India, we have good access of all kinds of fabric and input material. We keep in direct touch with fabric mills / knitters and big suppliers of all kinds of fabric, trims and input material which enables us to offer truly custom made collection for you.

Essentially, we do not have our own stock ever. We source based on the requirement we receive from our clients; be it woven or knitted category of fabric. In an event, where the desired fabric is not available, we get it knitted or woven by our people in mill(s) provided the custom fabric quantity is meeting its required minimums.

Some of the fabric we frequently use -

Markin, Canvas, Cambric, Dosuti, Drill, Twills, Poplin, Packing Cloth, Flannel, Rayon, Jacquard, Dobby, Chambray, PK, Cord Fabric, Cotton Flex, Georgette, Crepe, Moscrepe, Corduroy, Voil, Cotton Velvet, Rayon Velvet, Denim (woven & knitted), Tissue, Silk, Organza, Yarn Dyed, Mill Dyed Fabrics, Bosky, Duck, Cotton Ribs, Shantoon, Poly Satin, Ultra Satin, Viscose Satin, Knitted Jersey, Chiffon, Eyelet, Lace / Sequins, Linen, Polyester, Seersucker, Taffeta, Tulle, Velvet etc

For better understanding, you should click here to explore the world of fabric.

09. Can you provide custom printed fabric?

We're equipped to provide all kinds of textile printing such as -

Hand block printing, Perrotine printing, Engraved copperplate printing, Roller, cylinder, or machine printing, Stencil printing. Screen printing, Digital textile printing etc.

All you need to provide the print pattern / design (PDF format). We will first show you a sample / Strike Off, and once you give your approval then we proceed for bulk quantity.

10. Can you provide X color of fabric?

Yes! All you need to define your color code. We prefer Pantone and the work will be easier if you can share the right Pantone® shade code so that we can follow the same here for you.

However, please be aware that few colors create problem in dyeing due to small quantity issues. Hence for small quantity it is always not possible to get correct result after dyeing and while attempting to get right color. 

Requested to check with us while you share your requirement brief to our representative. 

If your quantity is very small - approx 50 pcs per style or even below, we would recommend to pick from ready available color from current fabric stock. Please check with us.

For any reason, Pantone® reference is not convenient to you then please tell us. We can send you another option for color reference such as telephone shade card or similar. This will be a cheaper option but you will have to compromise with limited color / shade variants.

There is another option is that, you send your fabric swatch in desired color. We will check the availability of same fabric same color with our supplier. If we find that, we can send you and take it forward. If not, we can give you similar options in same fabric and in nearby color options.

11. What would be the cost of pattern making?

Billoomi Fashion is a Full Service Private Label Clothing Manufacturer. We provide costing for the complete making of given style / design which includes every single services / work we foresee to make the garment. There are roughly 24 different kind of works / procedure which require to do, to produce a garment such as - pattern making, sourcing, grading, marking, cost of input material, washing, ironing, layering, buttoning, cutting, sewing, finishing, quality control, packing and so on.

Hence practically it is not possible to give you the detailing of each cost; neither we offer any service separately. Our production price will be inclusive of everything except shipping (ex-factory / FOB price). We send you "ready to sell" garment neatly packed in a transparent poly bag with your custom label, size label and tag. You can simply send it to your customer or put into your store for sale!

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