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Hire an Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers You Can be Proud Of

At Billoomi Fashion®, sustainability is a way of doing business rather than just a concept! We strongly believe that integrating social and environmental issues with business will yield long term benefits to the company. Way before when ethical and sustainable fashion has been gathering momentum globally, we started this into our practice and today Billoomi Fashion® is proudly known as one of the most trusted ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturers of Asia. We source and produce all kinds of eco-friendly fabrics, trims, packaging as per your requirement and help you towards your mission to build a sustainable clothing label.

Be it sourcing of certified sustainable fabrics, or be it organic fibre reactive dyes or azo-free dyeing, be it FSC certified paper to use in your brand label tag or higher microns clear bag packing, and so on - As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, backed with extraordinary workmanship we do have everything that you require to build a sustainable clothing label from scratch!  

As a sustainable clothing manufacturer our approach towards sourcing and manufacturing clothes maximizes the benefits to the industry and society at large, at the same time minimizes the impacts on the environment. We love working with like minded sustainable clothing brands who understands this and choose / aspire to use eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics for their collection. Since we're full-service garment factory, we offer end to end garment manufacturing services which you may require for your clothing label. Ethical and sustainable fashion is driven by clothing labels which goes through private label clothing manufacturer like us and ends in consumer's wardrobe.



The Saga of Billoomi Fashion® as Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers


Entire garment industry is one of the most damaging and harmful sectors on the planet. Hence as a responsible business once you choose us to work as your private label clothing manufacturer, we always try to ensure that we manufacture garments using environmentally sound process and material that minimize the negative environmental impact. Since 2005 we have taken a path of lower environmental impact, energy saving, low water consumption, ozone saving, low CO2 emissions, highly biodegradable surfactants, natural products and colours to support your mission to be a genuinely sustainable clothing line.


As a sustainable clothing manufacturers we work on mission-mode to promote eco-friendly fabrics, conserving energy, using natural resources and building a healthy as well as happy community for our employee. Starting with the sourcing of raw materials, Billoomi Fashion® ensures full traceability of all fibres, choosing low impact cotton, Tencel® Lyocel, bamboo viscose and recycled polyester in the Continental® range, 100% certified organic cotton in the EarthPositive® range, and recycled organic cotton blended with recycled polyester in the Salvage® range. 


We have a great access of all kinds of fabrics which can help towards building a better earth. Choose us your sustainable clothing manufacturers and join our hand to make a good earth!

As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, we have great access of all kinds of eco-friendly fabrics which can justify your commitments towards sustainable fashion label. Be it bamboo clothing manufacturers, or eco friendly clothing manufacturers, or organic clothing manufacturers, or sustainable clothing production, or sustainable garment manufacturing; Billoomi Fashion® is the most trusted name in sourcing and manufacturing all kinds of sustainable clothing for your label. We promote, source and manufacture widest range of sustainable fashion based on your custom designs.

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers Billoomi Fashion

How Billoomi Fashion Is A Better Choice Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer Than The Rest?

Unlike others who are hardly capable to source all variety in sustainable fabrics, we are one of the most trusted manufacturers of sustainable clothing and have direct contact with fabric mills who produces high-quality authentic sustainable fabrics. We do provide sustainable certificates as well, in authentication of fabric we use. We are also equipped and skilled to offer you full on sustainable brand not only the outfits / collection you get made by us but also the trims like button, tag, kimble, packaging etc. 

  • Accepting small quantity orders - minimum 25 pcs per style per color (mix sizes). In case of custom printed or embroidered styles, the minimum will be 100 pcs per style (mix sizes) as clothing manufacturers for small orders

  • Production Capacity : 60,000 pcs per month

  • Offering all under one roof facility  such as - pattern making, grading, sourcing of fabric and trims, developing custom label and tags, cutting, sewing, sampling, production, quality control, finishing and packing, logistics / shipping etc.

  • As a small batch clothing manufacturer, we carry super specialisation in both computer and hand embroidery, hand as well as machine smocking works, all kinds of fabric printing (hand block, digital, silk screen, sequins and bead works, high embellishment works, washing of fabrics, laces and trims, tassels, flouncing, ombre & tie-dye, asymmetry works etc

  • Access of all kinds of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics

  • Quick turnaround time - Sampling 2 to 3 weeks and Production 6 to 08 weeks

  • Dedicated with full support as your sustainable clothing manufacturers for small business

Billoomi Fashion's 100% Quality Guarantee Policy

As your sustainable clothing manufacturers, Billoomi Fashion® offers you 100% Quality Guarantee on all your order and we make sure not a single piece is going to be defective. Since we work with you on creating the apparel from the scratch, we precisely follow your custom design details and specification. We take approvals from you on everything and after mutual consent only we proceed from one step to another.

Each piece goes through our unique multi-layer 26 points above industry standard quality check which ensures ZERO defect! Below are some of the top most points for your kind reference towards our 100% quality guarantee policy.

















7 Myths About Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers that Needs to Die

Being a clothing label, you have the power to change the fashion world. You can make the consumer aware about the sustainability and drive the private label clothing manufacturer to adopt more and more sustainable practices. Your approach to design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing can directly maximizes benefits to people and communities while minimizing impact on the environment. Doing our level best to save the mother earth and being conscious about the small changes in our day-to-day practice can lead to right change.


We often come across that people (private labels / fashion designers / retailers) shy away from sustainable fashion because they think it may not look good or it may be too expensive but these are only myths that fuel the popularity of fast fashion even more. These misconceptions about the challenges surrounding sustainable fashion need to be addressed and so we have explored five of the most common myths being circulated about ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturing to help you perceive it in a new light. Hope this will guide to upcoming as well established clothing labels and will encourage them to adopt sustainable fashion in their collection.


01. Sustainable Fashion does not look good fit for my brand's collection. Actually my styles are not fit for eco-friendly fabrics.

Seems once you visualize sustainable fashion you are probably envisioning a granola-eating, vegan hippie who loves yoga. This is absolutely not the fact of the world of sustainable fashion. No single design of clothe category can be confined in sustainable fashion. The brands that exist are numerous with products for everyone, for every style, from casual, luxury to even retro.


There are all kinds of brands across the globe who promotes sustainable fashion and they deal into all kinds of garments starting from kids to women to mens, blouse to lingerie! We must mention some of the best names (few of them are our clients) such as : People Tree, Industry of All Nations, Zady, Everlane, Patagonia, GAIA for women, Krochet Kids, Fair Trade Winds, Mata Traders, MadeFAIR, PACT Apparel, Nisolo, Shift To Nature, milo+nicki, Mayamiko, Alternative Apparel, Apolis, Vetta Capsule, Naja, , Slumlove Sweater Company, Elegantees, Noctu, Symbology, Brain Tree Clothing, Fibre Athletics, My Sister, Sseko Designs, Sotela, prAna, Wallis Evera, Purple Impression, The Root Collective, Thread Harvest, Raven + Lily, Eileen Fisher, Gather & See, Oliberete, Good Cloth, and many many many more are making it easy to buy gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces for all types of consumers. 


Hence, don't stop. As a clothing label, do your part; it’s for our mother earth and for the people who live on it. Choose the right sustainable clothing manufacturers for your clothing line.


02. Why should my clothing label worry about fashion? Only my clothing label's going sustainable will not affect the environment. 

The answer is simple. Because the change has to start somewhere and it could be YOU. Now, it's up to you whether you become the part of this moment or not. If yes, we would love to make our contribution in your sustainable fashion business journey. 


03. If a garment manufacturer is having x certificate, then only it means they're ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturer. 

Certification in garment industry has its own business. There are hundreds of certification bodies and auditing agencies. For a small batch clothing manufacturer, this is just not possible to avail all those certifications. Few of the certification may not be known to you, but it does not known that it is invalid. There are two broad categories when it comes to certification : Quality and Social Compliance. 


For quality process, ISO is the most trusted certification and for Social Compliance, SEDEX. Billoomi Fashion® is certified and audited for both ISO and SEDEX. 


04. Ethical and Sustainable fashion has to be local

We have only one planet. When we raise concern about planet, it's not local. It's global. No matter where you live on earth, if earth is in trouble all of us will get equally affected. So how, come local manufacturing will save earth and overseas manufacturing will not? 


The answer is not to pull out of overseas clothing manufacturers, but to figure out how to improve the working conditions and encourage to be sustainable in their practice.

05. It’s too expensive.

Not always, but generally. If you compare it to fast fashion then yes, it will be dearer.


The question you have to ask yourself is why you expect things to be cheap and what cheap fashion prices mean. Are the workers getting paid a living wage? What about the fabrics, are they organic or cheap quality non-organic one?


Being a sustainable clothing brand, the priority is to provide workers with a living wage and safe working conditions, so that they can produce well-made products while working decent hours. People and planet are just as important as profit.


06. Only X type of fabric is sustainable fabric. 

This truly requires good knowledge base and expertise. Carrying a decade of experience of working as sustainable clothing manufacturer with great access to all kinds of sustainable fabric, we can guide you what will go best for your design. Please contact us to discuss more on this.


07. It’s very hard to find right sustainable clothing manufacturer.

Yes! But not for You :) 

You have landed at the official website of right sustainable clothing manufacturer. All you need to contact us with your enquiry and let us make our contribution towards your mission of sustainable fashion.

Let's Explore the Possibilities to Work Together :)

We would love to converse how we can add value to your business with the best of our expertise in producing high-quality sustainable clothing at the most reasonable price!

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