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Your Search for Super Skilled Cut and Sew Manufacturers Ends Here!

You're at right page if you're considering to hire cut and sew manufacturers for your garment production. We're here to offer you high quality cut and sew clothing manufacturing services at the most reasonable price. We guarantee you will save lot of money without compromising the quality with our state-of-the-art cut and sew manufacturing services backed with latest machines and skilled labour. 

Billoomi Fashion® a women owned professionally managed 15+ years of cut and sew manufacturer for small and large production orders. 

You can either provide the raw fabric and we will cut and sew. Or you can provide cuttings and we will only sew and finish. We welcome your choice always!

Not Supplying within India

Although we're a full service (full package) garment factory and well equipped to offer you end to end garment manufacturing services for you. But if you're at a stage where you need to hire us as cut and sew manufacturers (few says sewing contractor) then no need to look further. You can provide everything and we will only cut and sew the bulk as per your approved sample. As your cut and sew manufacturers, we will first make one sample and once you approve it, we will start the bulk cutting as per your quantity and sewing style you approve.

Being a cut & sew manufacturer we're having skilled manpower and right tools and machines to offer you high quality neatly stitched garments with 100% match to your original design brief. When you hire as as full service clothing manufacturer you do not need to provide anything except your design details. But if you hire us as cut and sew manufacturer then other than the design you need to provide everything such as fabrics, trims, labels etc and we will only use our machines and labours to cut and sew.

We are proud to be the most admired and professionally run cut and sew manufacturers (sewing contractor) for all kinds of garments for kids, women and men. We offer full-scale production based on your custom design details and specification at the most affordable price.  With more than 15+ years of experience in cut and sew garment manufacturing, Billoomi Fashion® is  committed to creating quality cut and sew apparel under our state-of-the-art cut and sew manufacturing facility with the capacity for large order cut and sew — but also support startups and emerging small fashion businesses.

Our Cut and Sew Manufacturing Services are Different than Others and Here is How :

The cut and sew manufacturing services are primarily offered by sewing contractors who are only equipped with sewing machines and tailors. But being a full service garment manufacturing factory at Billoomi Fashion® our focus is not only the quantity but the quality as well. Unlike the sewing contractors who blindly sew whatever wrong or right they have received or cut, we examine or inspect closely and thoroughly and further we share it with you and come up with solutions how to fix it. Our work process are designed as such that is found helpful for the clothing brands, retailers, fashion designers - no matter whether you're an early stage of your clothing business or well established business, we're here to please you with our professionally managed services, reasonable prices and workmanship!


In case your work require more than cut and sew, we will help you in that and you will find most hassle-free work done at Billoomi Fashion®. 

- Strong ethical business credentials

- Modern manufacturing facility equipped with latest machine tools and equipments

- Experienced clothing manufacturer for both woven and knitted (hosiery) garments
- We welcome small order quantity as well
- Quick turnaround time
- Reasonable price
- Strict quality control

- Skilled manpower well versed with easy to complex sewing


Loaded with new age of information technology we're your cut and sew manufacturers near me as we respond as quickly as possible to your query, concern and live upto the expectation! We're possibly the best choice if you're looking for wholesale cut sew, cut & sew manufacturers, cut and sew apparel, cut and sew clothing line.



We carry super specialization in cut and sew clothing manufacturing. Be it any design, any fabric, any size or any embellishment, any kind of embroidery, any kind of fabric printing (such as hand block print dresses, digital print dresses, screen print dress) or any customization, we're equipped and skilled to turn your dream design into reality.

How Everything Works As Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturer : Start to Finish

The detailed discussion will always take once we start our conversation with you. However, here is a glimpse how everything works.

STEP - 01 / 06

You fill the contact us form to approach us for your requirement

STEP - 04 / 06

After your approval on sample(s), we begin the bulk production against deposit

STEP - 02 / 06

We connect to discuss the possibilities, pricing and other terms of business.

STEP - 05 / 06

We confirm about the completion of bulk production and close the dues as agreed.

STEP - 03 / 06

We develop the sample(s) for you against your deposit. And courier for your approval.

STEP - 06 / 06

We ship the bulk to your given shipping address and here one cycle completes. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]  : Cut and Sew Manufacturer

01. Can you source the fabric as well if you hire as cut and sew manufacturer?

We do sourcing as well. But if you hire as cut and sew work only, then we expect every single input material from you except the threads. Every single input material means - pattern (or original sample), main fabric, lining fabric, trims (if any such as buttons, zipper, labels, tag etc). As a cut and sew manufacturers, we will only - (01) cut the fabric, (02) sew the garment and (03) finish and pack it.


In case your design need any printing / embroidery / fabric dyeing, etc work then additional charges will be applied. 

In case you hire us as full service (full package / FPP) manufacturer, then we will do everything except the designing. Starting from sourcing of material to sampling to production to door-step delivery - we will do everything!

02. What is your minimums?

  • No minimum for cut and sew services

  • Minimum will be applied only if you hire us for the full services.

03. What is your price list?


We do not have a ready price list as such. Price varies based on your design / style detailing, and total quantity in the given style. The best if you send your requirement details. After proper study of your given design details only, we can provide you the prices. So nothing to worry!


04. What is your turn around time or lead time?


For sampling we take 2 to 3 weeks. For production 8-12 weeks. However much depends on the total quantity and style detailing. The best if you contact us and get our confirmation as each style and each order is unique. General answer will not be a justice! 


05. Can you cut and sew X type of fabric and garment?


For cutting and sewing service, there is no constrain of fabric and garment type. Almost all kinds of fabric we can cut and sew as per your original design. 

06. I do have more questions. Where should I approach?


You should visit our detailed FAQs section. Click here to explore or submit the Enquiry Form so that we can connect.

Still Not Sure How to Begin With?

It all starts with a simple conversation. Have a look at our FAQs section where you may get answer to

your valuable question or contact us to connect with our representative today at your convenience!

Individual Attention and Care

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