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Your Search for Full Package Ethically Made Block Print Dresses Manufacturer Ends Here!

We Do Not Supply within India.

We are a one-stop destination for high-quality, ancient Indian block printed clothing. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing setup, we're super specialized in crafting hand block printed garments for men, women, and children.

If you're looking for an ethical and sustainable manufacturer of hand block print dresses, your search ends here! We offer professionally managed, hassle-free services, handling everything from start to finish and providing worldwide doorstep delivery — all at an affordable price.

Trusted by 300+ Fashion Brand from 18+ Countries

  • Not sure where to find right hand block printed fabric supplier at the most cost effective price?

  • Not sure about the type of block print options available?

  • What fabrics are used for block printing?

  • How much will it cost from sourcing to manufacturing and door step delivery?

  • Where to get fabric and where to get it manufactured as per my own design?

  • Can I get my own print artwork printed?

If any of the above question relates to you, then you're at the absolutely right page! You absolutely no need to worry about. There are basically two ends :

  • One that you need to connect with block print fabric supplier

  • And another, that you need an skilled manufacturer who can manufacture beautiful garments (dresses) as per your custom design and specifications.

We're one point point contact for everything related to all kinds of block printing. Be it only the fabric sourcing or both fabric sourcing as well as manufacturing block print dresses or any other garments - we're here to help you.


The story begins almost 12 years ago when one of our existing client wanted to include some block printed styles in her collection. Being their manufacturing partner, we travelled all across India and built great relations with right people who're full time working in block printing works from generations after generations. And more we went deep into meeting with these people and process, more we felt in love with this art of block printing!


The biggest problem is there that - these printing technique is an art and the artists are usually not a good business people. And that begets the birth of lot of middleman that sometimes makes everything complicated. Top of that, seeing the increasing demand and lesser number of genuine hand block printer left, the use of toxic dyes are also noticed.


Hiring a skilled and professionally run clothing manufacturer ensure non-toxic, safe and eco friendly natural dyes throughout the process that helps our mission of sustainable fashion!

Billoomi Fashion® simplify everything for you - be it just the fabric sourcing or full service manufacturing - we do everything and turn your dream into reality. Today we're one of the top notch private label clothing manufacturer of block print dresses with a great access of community of traditional block printing. Since we source right from the people who print (not from a middleman) we can offer not only world class quality but also the incredibly low price.


While other clothing factories may simply not have the capabilities - or the interest - to help considering your quantity, Billoomi Fashion® welcomes you regardless the order quantity and during the course of our business relations our team also empower you with a great wealth of knowledge (no school teaches ever) which helps you throughout your clothing business journey!


Billoomi Fashion® is a women owned family run Block Print Dresses Manufacturer for overseas clothing labels, retailers and boutique owners in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, UAE at very reasonable price. We strive to offer the most hassle-free block print dresses at the most reasonable price.



How Billoomi Fashion Is A Better Block Print Dresses Manufacturer Than The Rest?

Block Printed Smocked Cotton Dress.heic

Low Minimums

Even for made-to-order requirements, we accept comparatively small order quantity than others. This depends on type of printing and fabric you require. Please check it with us for your designs. 

Strong Sourcing 

When it comes to sourcing, we go to the source and that brings down the price! We directly reach to the community people who does block printing. Where others avoid going due to ill managed locations, we dig deep to bring down the diamonds. 

Confidentia- lity of Designs

Your design and business details remains confidential with us. We never share our clients details or their designs to anyone. 

Full Service Factory

Being a full service (full package) made to order factory, the best thing is that you do not need to move here and there. You can sit relax and everything will be done single window starting from fabric sourcing to patterning to sampling to production to finishing and packing to doorstep delivery!

Quality Consistency 

Block printing is an art form and all works done using hand. In such cases maintaining the quality and supply of exactly same fabric and same print have been a big challenge. We solve it uniquely. Please discuss. 

Ethically Made in India

We're a SEDEX audited Govt. of India registered manufacturer and exporter. We treat our people respectively and pay them above than the industry standards. Ask more details on this and stories of our long standing people.

Knowledge of Fabrics

If we source the fabric, we take full guarantee of no shrinkage, no bleeding and more than several other fabric defect issues which generally overlooked. In case you're a quality conscious clothing brand owner, you must count on us when it comes to knowledge of fabric. We take full guarantee and only deliver the best of the best for sure!

Reasonably Priced

You will find us most cost effective and reasonably priced for every services we offer. We strongly believe high-quality of output does not need to be overpriced too.

Attention & Care

We take good care of your work and give individual attention to each of your specification like no one else. Unlike others who judge you based on your order size, we treat every client equally and always be in touch. 

70+ High Demand Indigo Handblock Printed Fabric - A Ready Reference for Indigo Lovers

Billoomi Fashion's Renowned
100% Quality Guarantee Policy

Your success is how we measure ours! And we measure it through quality. As your Indian small batch clothing manufacturers, Billoomi Fashion® offers you 100% Quality Guarantee on all your order we deliver to you and we make sure not a single piece is going to be defective. Since we work with you on creating the apparel from the scratch, we precisely follow your custom design details and specification. We take approvals from you on everything and after mutual consent only we proceed from one step to another.

Each piece goes through our unique multi-layer 26 points above industry standard quality check which ensures ZERO defect! Below are some of the top most points for your kind reference towards our 100% quality guarantee policy.



Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 4.56.05 AM.png














We're an ethical Indian clothing manufacturer with a great access of all kinds of eco-friendly sustainable fabric for your collection. We pay our workers fairly (higher than industry standard) at our small batch production factory and retain best of experts in our team. Be an independent emerging designer or a small start up clothing line or a growing business, with a range of expert services Billoomi Fashion® is your perfect made to order small run custom clothing manufacturers and here to help you as one-stop service provider!

If you're a new start up clothing label, you first need to figure out exact design you want to create and we can guide you in that. In case it is a dress, you must know where the pocket you want to be, in case of embroidery you should know its size, the color, the length etc. If you're not sure what fabric you want, just leave it on us. We can recommend you with our experience what will go best for that design as your clothing manufacturer low minimum order. As a clothing manufacturers for small orders we sometime use to receive uncertain designs. New clothing line owners are excited about the manufacturing process but when you approach a manufacturer like us we try to guide you as much as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] : Block Print Dresses Manufacturer

01. Can you please share your catalogue with prices for block print dresses?


We are a made-to-order factory. We do not have catalogue of ready-to-sell block printed dresses as such which you can buy. You need to share your own design and accordingly we will make for you. Our prices are not fixed. it will depend on the kind of block print fabric you choose, your design details, and total quantity. 

02. Can you sell / supply only block printed fabric?


We're basically a manufacturer and we have good access of all kinds of block print fabric which you can choose for the making of dresses, shirts, jumpsuits etc. However, we have no issue to supply only the fabric. But this must be an export order. Being 100% export company we do not supply within India.

03. We already have sourced block printed fabric supplier. Can we deliver the fabric to your factory where you only need to cut and sew of garments as per our design details?


Surely yes! You can hire as as cut and sew manufacturer where you will supply the fabrics and trims and our role will be just to cut and sew as per your design and its respective quantity. All you need to deliver the input materials rest we will take care.

04. Can you please share the options of block printed fabric available with your supplier so that I can choose?


Yes! You can contact us and share your requirement with us. We will share a tons of options of block printed fabrics to choose from. 

05. Do you also do large mass production orders?


More than a decade ago, we started as small quantity clothing manufacturer and eventually we grown big. Today, we are equipped to do mass production orders with average monthly production capacity of 60,000 units per style per month. We grown big due to our clients whom we worked while they were small. Hence as a mission, we love helping small and start up clothing business by accepting their small batch clothing manufacturing orders!    


06. What is your price list?


We do not work on fixed price model as such. Our price varies based on your design details, and total quantity in the given style. The best if you send your requirement details. After proper study of your given design details only, we can provide you the prices. Being clothing manufacturers for small orders, we accept small quantity order as well. So nothing to worry!


07. What is your turn around time or lead time?


Being a small quantity custom clothing manufacturer for sampling we take 10 to 15 days. For production 90 days. However much depends on the total quantity and style detailing. The best if you contact us and get our confirmation as each style and each order is unique. Generic answer may lead confusion! 


08. Do you have X type of fabric?


We have good access of almost every kinds of fabric and trims. We do not have anything in stock, but we source the same for you meeting your specific preference. While working as Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers, there is a limit of customisation on fabric in terms of printing methods and fabric composition. The details can be discussed once we receive your enquiry as your small moq batch clothing manufacturers for new designers. 

09. Do you manufacture only block print dresses or any other garments too?


Dresses are just one category of garments we do. But that is not the limit. Dresses we do most but we also manufacture block print top, tunic, shirt, jumpsuits, romper, shorts and many more. In block print we also make and supply quilts and dohar. 

10. How to begin with you?

If you're ready with your design details and specification, please do fill "contact us" form. Our representative will get back to you with the possibilities. Being small business friendly and famed as the most trusted clothing manufacturer for small businesses, we have lot to offer our clients like you. Reach us today and rest assured we can build the most rewarding business relations ahead!  

11. I do have more questions. Where should I approach?


You should visit our detailed FAQs section. Click here to explore.

Let's Explore the Possibilities to Work Together :)

We would love to converse how we can add value to your business with the best of our expertise in producing high-quality clothing at the most reasonable price!

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