Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers of India

Being small batch clothing manufacturers we do not only accept your small order quantity but also do offer full support on technical challenges usually a start-up / emerging clothing label owners do face. Billoomi Fashion® is proud to be the most trusted small batch clothing manufacturers from India (Low MOQ manufacturer). 

How do I choose right fabric for my collection?

How to bring down the production cost of my clothing line?

Which fabric is the right fit for my clothing line?

I do not have technical designs for my upcoming clothing line. What to do?

Will the rough sketch work??



We have experienced that most of the garment factories don't have that good time to check and recommend a second better option to start up / emerging small batch clothing labels. Billoomi Fashion® is proud to be the most trusted private label clothing manufacturers in India for small businesses and is preferred due to its individual attention to each clients by offering expert advise on various challenges such as above. Be it petite or plus size, be it womenswear or childrenswear or menswear, be it streetwear of luxury clothing line - Billoomi Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is one-stop-shop to produce almost all kinds of garments with 100% match to your dream custom design and specification.


Being a small batch clothing manufacturer is our choice! We love seeing how our garment manufacturing skill turns as an advantage and contributes in your journey of running a clothing label. In that sense, we're not just another clothing manufacturer but we live with our mission to help and grow clothing labels like yours!

Billoomi Fashion® is one of those unique mass production clothing manufacturing factories who also accepts small quantity clothing orders. Our clothing manufacturing of low minimum order services are not limited as mere "cut and sew manufacturers with low minimum" but being a Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers we're vertically integrated unit which helps emerging fashion designers or start up fashion clothing lines to grow by offering full package services. 


We're well equipped to turn your dream designs into reality precisely meeting your specifications. Starting from sourcing of your desired material (fabric and trims) to pattern making, marking, grading to sampling, production, finishing, packing, custom label and tag development to door step delivery; today, Billoomi Fashion® is proud to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified as the best overseas clothing manufacturers for small quantities or you can say low minimum order quantity manufacturing service factory.


With a legacy of more than decade, we're a pool of an incredible team of experts we help worldwide small start ups. We're the leader in the new wave of small orders overseas clothing manufacturer and crowned as best place to manufacture clothing for several international clothing labels, independent emerging fashion designers, small boutiques and retailers dealing into private label clothing


If you're an International clothing brand and looking for high quality clothing manufacturers for small orders in India or low moq clothing manufacturers in India, then Billoomi Fashion Pvt Ltd is the right choice for you. We deal into export orders only.


Export %

Billoomi Fashion® is 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit) accepting export orders only. All payments takes place in foreign currency (preferably USD). 

Factory Type

Full-Service Factory. We are skilled and equipped to manufacture any design from scratch. All you need to provide your design details.

Minimums (MOQ)

Accepting as low as 25 pcs per color (mix sizes). In case of custom print style, the minimum will change depending upon print design and method.


All kinds of woven and knitted (jersey) fabric and all kinds of embroidery, printing, fabric dyeing, smocking, sequins and bead works etc.

Production Capacity

We're equipped to produce 150,000 pcs per style (mixed sizes) per month If your quantity is more than that, we can extend our capacity in a week time.

Focus Category

Womenswear and kidswear clotthing is our focus and forte since long. In this category you can give any style and detailing.

Lead Time

Sampling takes 2 to 3 weeks and production approx. 8 to 12 weeks. This may be sooner or later depending upon design details and total quantity. Please discuss.

What We Do Not Do

Indian ethnic wears, lingeries, footwear, leather goods, PPE Kit, jewellery, furniture etc.

Before You Make A Decision to Choose Billoomi Fashion® As Your Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer

We use to receive lot of uncertain designs. New clothing line owners are excited about the manufacturing process but when you approach a manufacturer like us we try to guide you as much as possible. We strongly recommend you must have clear idea of what you want to design. Every detail counts. 

If you're a new start up clothing label, you first need to figure out exactly what you want to create. In case it is a dress, you must know where the pocket you want to be, in case of embroidery you should know its size, the color, the length etc. If you're not sure what fabric you want, just leave it on us. We can recommend you with our experience what will go best for that design.

We promote environmentally and socially sustainable clothing manufacturing practices and pay our workers fairly at our small batch production factory. Be an independent emerging designer or a small start up clothing line or a growing business, with a range of expert services Billoomi Fashion® is your perfect made to order small run custom clothing manufacturers and here to help you as one-stop service provider!

In last 10+ years of our working as small batch clothing manufacturer
Billoomi Fashion® has helped 372+ (372 is not a typo error) businesses like yours from more than 15 countries to launch and grow their private label clothing business exponentially!

Frequently Asked Questions

Small MOQ Clothing Manufacturing Services

01. What is your minimum / MOQ is negotiable?


We take pride to accept the lowest minimum order quantities NOT ONLY in the industry BUT IN THE WORLD, and are passionate about helping to start your clothing line successfully at our small batch apparel manufacturing facility. 

  • We prefer 25 pcs per style - for single or solid color of styles

  • For ready available printed fabric we prefer 50 pcs per styles 

  • For custom printed fabric we accept 100 pcs per styles


Note: Custom printed fabrics are those, for which you give us your very own print patterns and want us to print for you. We're equipped to print all kinds of fabric using various printing methods. The given minimums for custom printed fabric is applicable for all kinds of printing method except digital fabric printing method. For digital fabric printing, there is NO MINIMUMS. 


02. Do you also do large mass production orders?


More than a decade ago, we started as small quantity clothing manufacturer and eventually we grown big. Today, we are equipped to do mass production orders with average monthly production capacity of 150000 units per style per month. We grown big due to our clients whom we worked while they were small. Hence as a mission, we love helping small and start up business by accepting their small batch clothing manufacturing orders!    


03. What is your price list?


We do not have a ready price list as such. Price varies based on your design / style detailing, and total quantity in the given style. The best if you send your requirement details. After proper study of your given design details only, we can provide you the prices. Being clothing manufacturers for small orders, we accept small quantity order as well. So nothing to worry!


04. What is your turn around time or lead time?


Being a small quantity custom clothing manufacturer for sampling we take 10 to 15 days. For production 90 days. However much depends on the total quantity and style detailing. The best if you contact us and get our confirmation as each style and each order is unique. General answer will not be a justice! 


05. Do you have X type of fabric?


We have good access of almost every kinds of fabric and trims. We do not have anything in stock, but we source the same for you meeting your specific preference. While working as Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers, there is a limit of customisation on fabric in terms of printing methods and fabric composition. The details can be discussed once we receive your enquiry as your small moq batch clothing manufacturers for new designers. 

06. Can we see your collection and previous work to judge your quality?

We strongly recommend, do not judge Billoomi Fashion based on the images. What is the authenticity of such images? Rather provide your design and let us make one rough sample based on your custom design for you possibly FREE of cost.  

07. I do have more questions. Where should I approach?


You should visit our detailed FAQs section. Click here to explore.

08. How do you work?


You should visit our detailed section. Click here to explore.


Still Not Sure How to Begin With?

It all starts with a simple conversation. Have a look at our FAQs section where you may get answer to

your valuable question or contact us to connect with our representative today at your convenience!