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Your Search for High Quality Hoodie Manufacturer Ends Here!

We Do Not Supply Within India.

Since the inception of our factory in the year 2005, we're known as high quality custom hoodie manufacturers. Private label hoodies and sweatshirts manufacturing have been our forte. Be it mens or womens or kidswear hoodies, be it printed or plain hoodies, be it fleece or polar fleece or plain organic cotton hoodies for that matter, Billoomi Fashion® is the most preferred luxury hoodie manufacturer precisely matching to your custom design and specifications that too at the incredibly low price! 

We carry more than a decade of experience as high performance luxury hoodie manufacturer for our clients across the globe specially - USA, UK and some of European countries. If you're planning to launch your own hoodie line of clothing or if you're an established brand looking to include hoodies in your collection, we can help you to manufacture heavy duty hoodies at the most reasonable price. All hoodies we manufacture, go through above industry quality checks and we make sure you receive high performance, highly durable hoodies with guaranteed no color bleeding, stitching errors and shrinkage issues at all! 


Our factory located in India, we have a great access of all kinds of relevant fabric backed with all kinds of printing and fabric dyeing capability to turn your dream hoodie design into reality. Unlike other manufacturers who focuses on quantity and do not have good time to guide on several things, we at Billoomi Fashion® focus on quality, cost effectiveness, business ethics and sustainability. We understand the challenges of small / emerging clothing business and the hardship they go through. We do not judge you due to your small order quantity and also make sure that it does not cost you the moon!

We nurture your brand, enjoy the journey and offer all possible suggestion with best of our decades old experience in manufacturing all type of luxury hoodies. Be it petite or plus size, be it womenswear or childrenswear or menswear, be it streetwear of luxury hoodie clothing line - Billoomi Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is the one-stop-shop to produce almost all kinds of hoodies with 100% match to your dream custom design and specification.

Since most of our clients hail from USA we are always available as hoodie manufacturers usa for you as well. Starting from sourcing of your desired material (fabric and trims) to pattern making, grading to sampling, production, finishing, packing, custom label and tag development to door step delivery; we're a full-service factory where we do everything that is required to manufacture your hoodies collection. Your search for high-quality hoodie manufacturer ends here!


With a legacy of more than decade, we're a pool of an incredible team of experts we help startups, small and emerging clothing labels. We're the leader in the new wave of small orders overseas clothing manufacturer and crowned as best place to manufacture clothing for several international clothing labels, independent emerging fashion designers, small boutiques and retailers dealing into private label clothing

How is Billoomi Fashion a Better Hoodie Manufacturer Than the Rests?

  • Accepting small quantity orders with minimum 25 pcs per style per color (mix sizes). In case of custom printed or embroidered styles, the minimum will be 100 pcs per style (mix sizes). Please contact us to have a feasibility check and minimums calculation.

  • Production Capacity : 60,000 pcs per month

  • Offering all under one roof facility  such as - pattern making, grading, sourcing of fabric and trims, developing custom label and tags, cutting, sewing, sampling, production, quality control, finishing and packing, logistics / shipping etc.

  • Ability to source all kinds of fabrics relevant to hoodies

  • As a hoodie manufacturer, we carry super specialisation in both computer and hand embroidery, patch work, printing, sequins and bead works, high embellishment works, laces and trims, tassels, flouncing, ombre & tie-dye, asymmetry works etc

  • Access of huge collection of trims such as strings, rib, laces, tussles, buttons, zippers etc

  • Equipped to do all kinds of custom print be it screen or digital

  • Quick turnaround time - Sampling 2 to 3 weeks and Production 6 to 8 weeks

  • Excellent team with vast experience of manufacturing all kinds of hoodies

Billoomi Fashion 100% Quality Guarantee - Luxury Hoodie Manufacturer

As your heavyweight hoodies manufacturer, Billoomi Fashion® offers you 100% Quality Guarantee on all your order and we make sure not a single piece is going to be defective. Since we work with you on creating the apparel from the scratch, we precisely follow your custom design details and specification. We take approvals from you on everything and after mutual consent only we proceed from one step to another followed by the proven methods of production to achieve zero defect.

Each piece goes through our unique multi-layer 26 points above the industry standard quality check which ensures ZERO defect! Below are some of the top most points for your kind reference towards our 100% quality guarantee policy.

















The Most We Make as High-Quality Luxury Hoodie Manufacturer 

Working as premium quality heavyweight luxury hoodie manufacturers, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped to produce all kinds of hoodies in a variety of fabric options with lot of embellishments including embroidery, printing, bullion works and many more . Here are few names (not limited to) which we frequently manufacture and work for our clients majorly from USA, UK, Australia and Denmark for hoodies specially. 

Pullover Hoodies, Zip-up Hoodies, Polo Hoodies, Slim-Fit Hoodies, Fur Hoodies, Women’s Long Sleeve Hoodie, Textured Twill Hoodie For Women, Colorblock Hoodie Sweatshirt, Women’s Cropped Hoodie, Lace-Up Women’s Hoodie, oversized hoodie manufacturer, embroidered hoodie manufacturer, plain hoodies manufacturers, rhinestone hoodie manufacturer, cotton hoodie manufacturer, fleece hoodie manufacturer, french terry hoodie manufacturer, pullover hoodie manufacturers, tie dye hoodie manufacturer, blank hoodies manufacturer, women hoodie manufacturer,  workout hooded sweatshirt, fitness hoodie, gym hoodies mens and womens, zip up or pullover hoodies, Organic Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirts, Organic-Hooded Pullover Sweatshirts, Infant Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirts and Toddler Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirts  to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]  : Hoodie Manufacturer

01. Do You Only Make Hoodies? 

We do manufacture variety of other garments as well; such as hoodies, sweatshirts, loungewear, leggings, denim jeans, and other denim outfits, jumpsuits, t-shirts and many many more.

02. Can I Use Any Fabric To Make A Hoodie? 

No, you cannot use just any fabric to make a hoodie. For example, linen or silk materials won’t be ideal hoodie fabrics. When selecting material, it is essential to remember that warmth, comfort, style, and convenience are a few reasons why most people wear hoodies. Fabrics such as fleece, jersey, cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blends, rayon, and even wool are ideal fabric choice for hoodies manufacturing. We're equipped to produce 200gsm to 450gsm fabrics for hoodies.


03. What is your minimum / MOQ?


We take pride to accept the lowest minimum order quantities as follows :

  • We prefer 25 pcs per style - for single or solid color of styles (mix sizes)

  • For printed fabric / embroidered styles we accept 100 pcs per styles (mix sizes)

04. What is your price list?


We do not have a fixed prices as such. Price varies based on your design / style detailing, fabric quality you choose, and total quantity in the given style. Would you like us to work out the hoodie production cost? Please send your requirement details. After proper study of your given design details only, we can provide you the prices. So nothing to worry!


05. What is your turn around time or lead time?


For sampling we take 2 to 3 weeks. For production 6-8 weeks. However much depends on the total quantity and style detailing. The best if you contact us and get our confirmation as each style and each order is unique. General answer will not be a justice! 


06. Do you have X type of fabric and Y thickness?


We have good access of almost every kinds of fabric and trims. We do not have anything in stock, but we source the same for you meeting your specific preference. While working as Clothing Manufacturer for Small Business, there is a limit of customisation on fabric in terms of printing methods and fabric composition. However if your quantity is good enough, then there are endless possibilities!

07. What preparation do I need to have to begin with you?


We sometime receive uncertain designs. We strongly recommend you must have clear idea of what you want to get manufactured. Your concept must be well written in the form of sketch or sample image or tech pack. Every detail counts. As your potential high quality hoodie manufacturer, we would like to say : Better the input you provide, better the hoodie we will make for you! 

08. Don't you have hoodie maker website from where we can customize and order hoodies with our logo?


We do not run hoodie maker website. But if you hire us as your hoodie manufacturer, then entire google is the catalogue where you can choose the hoodie design you find near to your design in mind and share the same with desired tweaks. We can develop one sample based on your basic input and ship it to you. Hoodies maker online websites has its own cons where they have limited color or fabric choice or pattern. We are 100% made to order custom clothing manufacturer where we start everything from scratch based on your custom design and that's how a super luxury hoodie are built to perform!

09. I do have more questions. Where should I approach?


You should visit our detailed FAQs section. Click here to explore or submit the Enquiry Form so that we can connect.

Let's Explore the Possibilities to Work Together :)

We would love to converse how we can add value to your business with the best of our expertise in producing high-quality clothing at the most reasonable price!

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