Clothing prototype manufacturers in India

A great prototype yields not only the great product but it also helps you to stop several problems which you may face at a later stage of your private label apparel manufacturing. This helps you to examine the real state view of your design, the fitment, and workmanship of your private label apparel manufacturer. The role of clothing prototype manufacturers is very crucial in your journey of launching a successful clothing line.

Understanding the importance, we take pride to be the most trusted name among clothing prototype manufacturers. We take your designs and deliver you the prototype incorporating your design details, sourcing of desired fabric and trims, printing, dyeing, embroidery, smocking, sequins and beadworks and all that which you have dreamt for your design. We're the secret name behind successful overseas clothing labels and we love to develop just your prototypes!

Our mission is to offer the most affordable way to bring your designs to life. We know that not everyone is a fashion design or manufacturing expert. A1ClothingFactory wants to help you turn your ideas into reality. 

We're a fashion designer owned private label apparel manufacturer and we carry a great understanding of designs and specifications. We love to delight our customers by offering world-class clothing prototype manufacturing services.

How it works.

From start to finish there is a total of 8 steps that we follow during the entire process. All are important and one step is related to another. As your clothing prototype manufacturer, we take full responsibility to feel you delighted with our expert services!





First, you place your enquiry with as many details as you have. In case you do not have many details or you miss anything, we do ask you through email or WhatsApp.

Our expert team consult you after a quick study of your designs about the way forward. If necessary, we advise you the possible problem with your designs and how we can rectify it. Such as whether the required fabric or printing or dyeing is possible or not. Is there any change required in the measurement you have or whether your style will incur an unnecessary cost in production etc. and several other things which you must know before moving further.



Once the consultation is done and we're agreed on the final designs, we start sourcing of your desired fabric and trims. We either send you a photo of the fabric and trims or we ship the swathes in the original fabric so that you be sure before we use it for prototyping.



After getting approval on fabrics and trims, we start pattern making as the most important thing. At this stage, we cure several problems which sometimes not come to notice while we design on a computer. If there is any problem, we rectify this and update you back.



Once the pattern is developed, we make one prototype for our internal study of design. At this stage we check the fitment on our standard mannequin or model, fall and feel of the fabric on body and several other things before we cut the original fabric and use original print.



After getting our internal approval from our senior designer, we cut the original fabric and manufacture the final sample using original print or dyed color fabric or embroidery etc whatever is needed as per the design.



We first send you a picture of the sample so that you can see its look. In case you come to see any change requirement, we do it here before shipping and show you the revised sample. If you approve the photo of sample, then we start the shipping process.



It will take 3 to 5 days to get the final sample delivered at your door-step.

why choose us as your clothing prototype manufacturer?


Production is the blind copy of your sample. Hence, comparatively, for production, you may go to any factory. But when it comes to sampling, people trust us and 99 out of 100 samples we do, goes approved in one shot. The power of experience not only makes us the ultimate winner as a clothing prototype manufacturer, but our skill is considered a great advantage for our world-wide clients.


Communication becomes a big issue when people work with private label apparel manufacturers. Factories either do not understand the language or the design itself. If the factory is well versed with language and design then they don't keep updated as frequently as it is needed. Unlike others, we work little differently. Once you confirm your sampling order, we make one WhatsApp group keeping you and key persons at our factory and we keep you posted at every stage. You remain in constant contact with us all the time and anytime.


Each customer is unique and each order is different. We strongly believe that one size does not fit all. Hence we pay very individual attention and care towards the work we take in hand. We listen to our clients and take all care with the understanding that it is a team work and our success entirely depends on our client's success!


Sampling is level one. Level two is production. While you work with a full-package garment factory, you can reach to level two in the most hassle-free manner. You do not need to co-ordinate with the new person and repeat the same story again.  We remain your one point contact for production as well (only if you wish to go for production).

faqs - frequently asked questions

What Information Do You Need To Get Started?

Anything will work; be it a reference image, or a sketch or a physical sample. However, if you have a tech pack, then this will solve a lot of issues right at the beginning. Since we're capable to start from scratch, we're okay if you have the least information even.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Sample?

Our sampling cost is fixed. This is US$ 100 per style per size. This price is not inclusive of shipping. Also note, if you have more than 10 styles of sampling, then we can apply some discount depending upon style design details.

What is The Term of Payment for Sampling?

We ask for all payment up-front before commencing the project.

What is Your Quality Assurance?

We take full guarantee of work. We take the project only if we find your designs within our manufacturing ability. In case we're not able to do your sampling, we will let you know up-front. But once we have taken the project, in no event, you find it poor quality or unfulfilled design details.

What If I Do Not Like The Samples? 

This rarely happens. From our point of view, there is only one reason for your not liking the sample and that is possible -  you find a mismatch in your design details and our sampling work. If that is the case, we will re-make the sample at NO ADDITIONAL cost. 

Is My Design Confidential?

Not only your designs but your details as well. Both of your design as well as your details remain confidential. In no event, we publish your designs without due permission or share your details with anyone (except shipping company). If you feel liike you can get your NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed for your satisfaction.