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What is Tech Pack and Why I Need to Know Before Starting My Clothing Line in 2024?

Updated: Jan 10

A tech pack is the first and foremost thing you need to get ready even before you start searching a private label clothing manufacturer for your collection. The full form of "tech pack" is technical specification pack. This is a set of documents containing all the technical information about the piece of garment which you want your manufacturer to make for you. It's an essential document for both you as well as your manufacturer, as it helps clearly communicate every little detail about what you are willing to be made by your manufacturer.

Famed as a leading clothing manufacturers for startups, one of the most common things we comes across at Billoomi Fashion on a daily basis is that - clothing label owners ask us to quote without giving a tech pack. As much as 5 out of 10 times, fashion designers and entrepreneurs around the world contact us without having a tech pack or incomplete tech packs.

Being a fashion designer / clothing label owner you should not put clothing manufacturers in a position where they have to guess what to do. And if there is a chance of guess work, then mistake is inevitable.

Tech pack helps to reduces mistakes, improves communication between you and your manufacturer, reduces lead times and avoids delays. Tech pack helps both you and your manufacturer to speak same language and get best output faster.

Your tech pack must include all the possible details about your design such as (but not limited to) the:

  • Style Name or Number

  • Design (How do you want it to look after making)

  • Fabrics (Mention if you're sure. If not sure, seek help from us. We will guide you)

  • Measurements (At least one size measurement is recommended. Rest we will grade.)

  • Color (Give Pantone Code Only)

  • Trim (such as zip, button etc)

  • Stitching (Any specific type of stitching you need?)

  • Artwork (if there is a print or embroidery)

  • Label & Tag Information

Below is just a part of tech pack to make you aware how each component of the outfit is explained. Further this needs to be filled with additional information although.

The Tech Pack is like an instructional manual or contract between the you and your manufacturer, and must contain accurate and detailed information. There should be no guesswork on the manufacturers’ behalf. The more detailed and clear the Tech Packs are, the less room there will be for errors.

Specifying of each things are super important. Be it fabric quality (read composition) or color or for that matter size of embroidery or print pattern. If you do not be specific, this will be difficult to achieve desired quality.

Here is a good example for color specification. In case you want to dye your fabric in a particular color, then you must mention your Pantone Color Code for that specific color. If you simply mention "I want it in red color" then it will be difficult for the manufacturer to choose which RED because not only in case of red color but in every color hundreds and thousands of shades are there.

We can give you FREE access of Pantone Color Code if you need. Contact us!

Common Misconceptions

  • Usually startups clothing label owners think 'I don't need to bother for the tech pack, the manufacturer can handle it' - We hear this quite often and to be honest it is scary! Essentially, a tech pack is about control. Do you really want to be giving the factory control over the measurements and finish of the garments whatever way they wish? The problem with the factory doing the tech pack is that they will often do what is easiest for them, this is especially true if you are inexperienced and don't know what to look out for. Certainly, if the factory offers suggestions on ways to improve the garment, hear them out, but make sure the final decision is down to you. Also keep in mind that, the factory are a business looking to make an income. If they do the tech pack, it would be easy for them to choose more expensive / complicated design they can charge you for, if they are that way inclined.

  • 'Once the tech pack is done, that's it' - sadly, it's not that simple. Tech packs are a working document that are updated regularly over the duration of the sampling and manufacturing process. The tech pack you receive from your freelancer you hire, is just the first draft. Even before the first fit sample is made, it may change. This is because the factory need the tech pack to quote a price. You may find the price is too high, so you make some changes, such as decreasing the measurements or change the fabric or some tweak in design so you need to update your tech pack. This all needs to be updated on the tech pack. Hence through out the process, you should update the measurements chart / design several times until you approve the final sample.

  • Tech Pack is complete once you're have the "production ready" samples and you make sure your production ready / final samples and tech pack both speaks the same language.

Where can I get my tech packs made? Do you make tech packs?

While working as clothing manufacturer for small business, a cross question we always get from our prospective clients - Do you offer tech pack making services. Hence this is to share that we're a hard-core manufacturer and our job starts after receiving your tech pack. For tech pack, you need to hire someone locally. Alternatively you can also get your tech pack made from any of the followings :

The best that you hire someone locally for tech pack making services because you need to feed lot of input to the tech pack making person. All your concept needs to be explained.

Ensure you carefully check through your finished Tech Pack before sending to your factory. Any incorrect or unclear information could result in miscommunication and an incorrect sample or costing (which can result in countless emails and extra sampling, all which incur unnecessary additional costs!)

7 Essential Things to Check In Your Tech Pack Before You Send It to Your Clothing Manufacturer :

  1. It must be in PDF or Exl Format. Never send an open file like .psd or .cdr

  2. Every style must be having a unique code or name so that you and your manufacturer both remains on same page during discussion.

  3. Mention the size breakdowns for each style?

  4. Mention the Pantone color code wherever color is used.and the fabric type you want to produce?

  5. Fabric name and composition must be mentioned (if you're sure). Keep it open for discussion with your manufacturer.

  6. Notes on important detailing wherever you think? For example, give the example of pocket through illustration or an internet image.

  7. The last but not least - Your tech pack must say about seam to seam measurement for each style.

You can happily send your tech pack to your manufacturer if you find that all seven points are checked. During prototype manufacturing, you and your manufacturer may require to have several rounds of discussion but for now, this is good to go!

Can't You Give Quotation or Start Sampling Based on An Image or Rough Drawing?

Tech pack helps to achieve desired output at one go. Tech pack does not leave anything unclear and we manufacture exactly same outfit, exactly same finish, exactly same fit. If we begin based on rough drawing or sample image then there are the chances that we may not get desired look / fit at one go. We may need to go through multiple rounds of sampling that may cause extra time taking and wastage of money as well. If we have a regular client and their designs are previously made by us in our factory then we do not require tech pack because we know everything about our client's liking, fabric quality they need, fit they want and how they want the design to look like after making. But in case of new style or if you're a new startup clients we prefer tech pack to offer you extraordinary quality.

Do not hesitate if you have more questions on this. We would love to help you as much as possible to make your clothing line successful.


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