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Quality Standards @ Billoomi Fashion

"No company in this world can survive for longer period of time if their quality is not good. Hence we must take quality control very strictly and carefully to keep us not only surviving but growing as well.


We must work in such a manner that our customer can be relax for the quality problems while they work with us. We ought to be more serious for the quality than our customers themselves."

Delivering Extraordinary Quality Through Extraordinary Process

Being quality conscious clothing manufacturer, we strongly believe that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

The production quality control at Billoomi Fashion® is very strict and taken from very beginning through the entire process of production, several quality inspectors walking around the workshops while supervisor working at industrial sewing machines, or by computerized stitching machines, to make sure all of stitching are accurate. Manual inspection also takes place after completion for double confirming "defect free". 


Quality Work for packing is less, but also important for us to make sure all made clothing are packed cleanly and in right order and numbers. No delivery will be made if anything will below than the set quality standards.


Different clothing will need different quality control requirements, below are main information about what we work for QC in general (not limited to).



1. Fabrics and Accessories

(1). Repeat washings in fresh, salt, and chlorinated water, and exposure to simulated sunlight for fabric and color changes test. The fabrics are stretched and weighted down before and after washings to determine if they retain their original weight, shapes and color fastness.
(2). Testing material composition and property, must be exactly same as what the customer specify.


2. Sampling

(1). Samples must be made with the same fabric and accessories which have been approved by the customer.
(2). Samples must be tailored in 99% same dimensions as the sample forms which have been approved by the customer.


3. Cutting

(1). Patterns dimension for each size must be 100% same as the dimension on the production sheets which have approved by the customer.
(2). Each layer of the fabric must be spreading and laying out beyond the dimension of the marker and also in precise tension.
(3) each ply must be right direction.
(4). Each slice must be in exact same dimensions as patterns' and each edge must be smooth and clean.
(5). No any tiny defects with each slice of the fabric.


4. Machines

Each machines must be adjusted well and smoothly to meet requirements of the clothing which are going to be making.


5. Stitching

No open seams, no rips, no needle hoes, no improper thread tensions, no missing stitching, no improper stitching are with any piece of the clothing made and improper creasing, imprpeor thread tension are not allowed.


6. Finishing

(1). Re-checking all of above.
(2). All accessories are attached to the clothing very strongly and well workable.
(3). No unclean threads, no improper pressing, no missing pressing are with any piece of the clothing.

8 Mandatory Checks Which We Do Follow

No Hole in Garment

Right at the sourcing step, the fabric is checked to ensure no whole or stain is there. Composition, gsm, pulled or loose yarn, off colors, fastness, fading, stain, rust, flaw, spot, smear, tear, grain.

No Stain on Garment

A garment goes through various hands and process. Despite keeping clean work place, stains use to come. We do check this at finishing level.

No Loose Thread

Right at the sourcing step, the fabric is checked to ensure no whole or stain is there. Composition, gsm, pulled or loose yarn, off colors, fastness, fading, stain, rust, flaw, spot, smear, tear, grain.

No Printing Mistakes

Color, fasting etc are checked once we receive the fabric to ensure there is no printing mistake before we cut and after we stitch.

No Stitching Error

Right at the sourcing step, the fabric is checked to ensure no whole or stain is there. Composition, gsm, pulled or loose yarn, off colors, fastness, fading, stain, rust, flaw, spot, smear, tear, grain.

Color Fastening & Bleeding

Sometime due to color quality or fabric quality or weather, these problems keep coming. But we do check and ensure you get defect-free garments.

100% Pre-Shrunk

Due to property of fabric, few fabric usually shrink after washing or dyeing or printing. We essentially do this check.

No Seam Slippage

Seam plays important role in fitment of garment. We essentially do check at once we check the measurement. This happens after stitching.


Quality has three phases and at Billoomi Fashion® we strongly believe that all needs to be met to ensure the best result. You will realize that, it is a joint efforts of you and your manufacturer. 


  • During this phase, this is important that you provide the correct design details, specifications

  • You go for best quality material out of the sourcing we do for you

  • You allow good time and hand to develop the sample for you and fix the technical error if any comes due to mistake in design details. 

  • Once we send you the sample, you examine this physically. You give approval on fitment, fabric quality and workmanship.

  • If there is any issue / error found at your end, you be very honest / frank and give clearer comment so that we can re-make the sample (if needed) before going to production phase.


  • During this phase, as manufacturer, we go blind and follow your approved sample. We go blind because, this is your product and what you approve we deliver!

  • We take care of bulk cutting, printing and all other works as per the approved sample.

  • Before and after cutting, we do the quality checks

  • After fabric dyeing and printing (whatever involved) we do check the quality consistency.

  • During and after the stitching, we ensure the same approved quality what you have approved as pre-production sample


  • This is basically the time of finishing which takes place once all pieces are well stitched and arrived at finishing team.

  • We check each and every single piece as well as its each single components - collar, cuff, bodice, front, back, zip, joints, seam, zip, buttons, button holes and many many more.

  • Once every single pieces are checked and met our unique 22 points quality checks then it will go for packing.

  • Packing is equally important for us. This is not just about putting a folded piece of garment in a plastic bag.

  • We ensure several things such as label, tag, bag size, label over bag and sticker over carton

  • The story which began several weeks ago, reaches to important milestone when the shipping carrier (DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx) picks the carton box and delivers to your door-step.

  • You receives the bulk and shares your feedback

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