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Finding a Clothing Manufacturer is Easy! But Which One is Right for You?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The success of your clothing line largely depends whether you choose the right clothing manufacturer or not. The role of clothing manufacturer is very important. But whether you search online or pick them from any directory, you will find a dhobi list of clothing manufacturer and choosing the right one is not a fun! Here, you will find some useful parameters on which you can find the fitment.

Is finding a clothing manufacturer easy?

Yes. Very easy! Country like China, India, Bangladesh etc are full of clothing manufacturers and every manufacturer claims to be good for you. In such a scenario where you have plenty of option then how will you choose the right clothing manufacturer.

Let us simplify this. All you need to check 3 basic things and once you have positive answer then your search is over.

01. TAT (Turn Around Time) / Lead-time

Every clothing manufacturer has different lead-time for sampling or production. The general opinion is - shorter is better! But this is absolutely wrong way to make an opinion about a clothing manufacturer. Never judge a manufacturer based on lead-time. The one who remains transparent and says actual time is much better than the other who initially commits shorter lead-time and after taking the order delivers in delay.

Hence the best is that, you should be having your own understanding.

Hint : Please note, 2 to 3 weeks of time is good for sampling and 8 to 12 weeks of time is good for production. Now you have a standard timeline. You can start an assessment.

02. Minimums / MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Minimums are decided on two basics - One is factory minimum and another is design.

No matter whether a private label apparel manufacturer produces 25 pcs of garment or 2500000 pcs of garments - the process remains same. Now it's upto the clothing manufacturer how much minimum they prefer for their garment factory.

Secondly, there are certain styles (designs) which can not be manufactured in lower quantity. For example, if your style requires screen printing then your private label clothing manufacturer can not do it in lesser quantity. That minimum has to be followed because in less that 100 meters fabric, screen printing is not recommended. (However if you choose digital printing then it is possible but digital printing is costly and not all artwork and fabric is digital printing friendly).

Hence again, do not judge based on minimums you come to know. Please do check whether its factory specific or style specific.

Hint : At Billoomi Fashion Pvt. Ltd. we do accept as low as 25 pcs per style (mix sizes) if your style is in single solid color. If your style require custom screen printing or embroidery then 100 per per style (mix sizes) is the minimum.


Not all manufacturer is good in all kinds of styles. Hence do speak your manufacturer whether they do carry the required know how for manufacturing your styles? For example, at Billoomi Fashion Pvt. Ltd. we do not manufacture lingeries, any outfit where leather is used a base fabric, socks, cap, belt, bag, footwear etc. Our forte is printed / embroidered styles, single solid color styles (dyed fabrics), Styles in sustainable & natural fabrics, smocked clothing, denims etc.


  • Business Ethics / Certification

Understand the business ethics and certifications of your manufacturer. This is very important to know whether that manufacturer is practicing child labour or something unethical?

  • Company Review / Reference

Generally reviews are planted / fake / extra built. An unhappy customer can write something terribly bad about the manufacturer but hundreds of happy customer may remain silent. Hence we do not give much importance but still, reference is important if you can get it.

Due to confidentiality issues many manufacturer may not disclose their clients list. But you can still ask if that is something possible or any drop out clients are there which can be shared.

Going with a private label manufacturer can be a little risky, mainly at the initial stages and you need to be cautious about who you select. In case not able to find any, feel free to hit us up.

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