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5 Frequently Used Garment Trims You Must Know About

A garment is not made out of fabrics only. If you realise, there are several other things are there besides the fabric which is essential and those are called trims. The importance of trims are as high as the garment itself. If you're not well aware about the usage, cost and variety of trims then this may create big hurdles while you start looking for your women's clothing manufacturer.

Womens Clothing Manufacturers
Importance of Trims in Construction of a Garment

In order to bring style quotient or make a garment more appealing, designers frequently put these 5 type of trims; such as - threads, buttons, beads, zippers, motifs & patches etc.

After adding the trims or some small change in trims type or color, even a basic garment looks appealing with these tiny details that are an attraction to other people. These can be used for surface ornamentation or to give the garment heavy look. Garment trims look alluring and add aesthetic touch to the wearer.

Usage of Threads in Garment Factory
Sewing Threads

01. Usage of Threads

Threads are made out of yarn. Polyester threads are rapidly replacing rayon threads. These threads are the first choice for embroidery and stitching. Polyester yarn is known for high sheen and standing up to wash and bleach. Polyester has a natural UV resistance which makes it first choice for most tailoring requirements by most of private label clothing manufacturers. These threads look, feel, sew and perform like nylon. These dye-able polyester threads could be used in woven garments, hosiery, leather garments, and jeans and also for readymade garments. There are cotton threads as well. But due to durability issues, these are not in usage. Now a days sustainable clothing manufacturers use to go with eco-friendly threads as well.

02. Usage of Zippers

To open and close the special part of garments, we use Zippers. As a womens clothing manufacturers, we mostly use these Zippers in manufacturing of womens trousers and womens jackets, womens jeans manufacturing. Zippers are very essential component and this sometime play important role in overall beauty of a garment. We purchase these zippers in different sizes, shapes and colors as high quality clothing manufacturer. We mostly use YKK Zipper due to its strength, durability, perfect finish and longer functional life.

03. Usage of Buttons

Buttons are not only used because of its functional importance in a garment but due to the fact that it add rich look. We mostly use buttons as the fasteners in junction with buttonhole for fastening of garments. However there could be decorative purpose too. Buttons are made out of wood, acrylic, metal etc. which defines the durability of button. Further, these buttons can be classified on the basis of number of holes. As the promoter of sustainable fashion, we do not use plastic buttons however plastic buttons are cheap and widely used in garments. Rust-free metal buttons are used in denim pants and trousers. Wooden buttons are used for decorative and functional purpose.

04. Usage of Beads

In high fashion garments, beads are an intricate part and have been used from long time. Seed beads are used widely in jewellery making and hand embroidery to stitch and create masterpieces for the fashion industry and jewellery industry. Preciosa & Miyuki Seed Beads are known for their quality and consistency. Seed beads are also known by the following names Czech glass beads, Miyuki seed beads, Glass beads, Miyuki Delica beads, Toho seed beads, Swarovski crystal beads, Art beads, Fusion Beads, Nalki beads, Miyuki beads, Cutdana beads, Delica Beads, Preciosa beads, Embroidery beads or Bugle Beads. Crystal beads are made from highly polished machine cut Czech glass. They are available in multiple shapes like rondelle, briolette, drop, round, bicone, cubic, conical and drum. Plastic beads are used in machine embroidery and have holes in them to sew. Acrylic Beads are widely used in jewellery making because of their smooth finish and texture. In bohemian clothing manufacturers sometimes uses wooden beads also.

05. Usage of Motif and Patches

Motifs and patches are visual treat and used on any fabric very frequently. These motifs and patches are often repeated in a pattern or design or may just occur once in any piece of work. Decorative art can be defined by a number of elements called Motifs. These patches or motifs may or may not create symbolic significance. Sew on patches are the ornamental additions on apparel products and can even be used to adorn handbags, clutches etc. Patches for clothes are finished to a high standard and often embellished with beads, sequins or embroidered lace. Motif designs may vary and are available in different styles to add visual symbolism to a basic product.


Being high quality womens clothing manufacturer, A1CF (A1 Clothing Factory) usages trims while we manufacture womens apparel as per the given design details of our customers.

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