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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tends to answer some essential questions regarding apparel manufacturing and the practice we follow at Billoomi Fashion. It will assist you in answering your basic queries about our services, company policy, etc. We recommend checking our FAQ page before contacting us.

Business Ethics and Certifications


  1. I'm from India and I want to use your company services.

    We're a member of Apparel Export Promotion Council and registered as 100% Export Unit under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. We strictly deal into overseas projects. Hence if you're a business entity located in India, we're not the right factory for you.

  2. How can I work while your factory is located in India?

    With today’s technology, we are in constant touch with our customers through email, phone and Whatsapp & Skype. We send you detailed photos of your design as soon as they are completed via emails. When you need to see the actual samples, we use international express courier services direct to you in 3-5 days across the globe.

  3. What kind of work do you do?

    We're a full service clothing manufacturer and exporter. Our services start from sourcing of right material as per your given design and ends with delivery of finished garment at your door-step. We essentially manufacture all kinds garments for men, women and kids. Name it tops, camisole, kaftan's, gowns, tees, shorts, shirts, jackets, skirts, denim dungrees, night suits, denim jeans, children's wear - at both the couture and ready-to-wear level.

    We have experience with a lot of knit and woven fabric, and can handle all kinds of, embroidery, sequins & beading, hand-detailed work, hands smocking, fabric dyeing, washing effects on denim outfits, fabric printing and many many more...

    In brief, the following activities - 

    • Cut, Sew, and Trim (CMT)
    • Computerized Marking and Grading
    • Pick and Pack Operation
    • Sample Assembly
    • Private Label production
    • Embroidery & Applique
    • Hand smocking
    • Printing and sublimation 
    • Dyeing 
    • Washing effects
    • Sequins and beaded works

     For a detail list please visit " Our Services " section

  4. Why should I go for you?

    Being strategically located in New Delhi, we have trained a team of very talented artists and craftsmen so that we can help our customers turn their fashion ideas into reality. We want to provide an affordable channel where not only emerging designer entrepreneurs can have a partner to help them grow their business, but many big International fashion brands as well.

  5. Where are you located?

    Billoomi Fashion is strategically located in New Delhi, India. We are in the heart of Asia, giving you access to highly-skilled artisans, fabric, trims, and accessories sources, and an extensive network of factories in order to meet any demand of a buyer whether this is qualitative, or quantitative or competitive price.

  6. What is the advantage in working with your company?

    The biggest advantages people find working with us are: - 

    • You have the benefits of working directly with a manufacturing company located in National Capital Region (Delhi NCR), India which will drastically reduce your cost and overhead. You need not to expense on your agents and all. We are strategically located to utilize the availability of highly-skilled craftsmen, abundance raw materials, and the-state-of-the-art manufacturing factories, giving you the advantage of reliable service, quality development and on-time production at very competitive cost.
    • You are able to save time by going to one place instead of having to run back and forth between the pattern maker, the grader/ marker, the cutter, the sewer, and the dye house. We are the 1-stop outsource service company for most people.
    • The ability to produce garments in smaller quantities to suit your budgets.
    • We are able to produce almost all types of garments in house, instead of working on only knits or wovens.
    • We are adaptable to your needs. We provide you solutions based on your request, instead of fitting you into our services.


  7. Is there any kind of garment which you do not do?

    We do manufacture all kinds of woven and knitted garments for men, women and kids. But there are few garments category which we do not do such as lingeries and swimwear.

  8. Do you take domestic orders as well?

    We're a 100% export unit and take payments in foreign currencies only. We essentially do not take garment manufacturing orders from our domestic (India based) clients. But if any India based client who resides in foreign countries, and willing to place order by making payment in foreign currencies - we can accept the order / inquiry.

  9. What are your hours and days of operation?

    Monday to Friday: from 10 AM to 6:30 PM, IST (Indian Standard Time)

    Saturday : 10 AM to 2 PM IST

    Sunday: Weekly Off

    However, once you place the order we deploy one relationship / account manager who keeps in touch with you through email / whatsapp and phone. Being a valuable client you can contact us always! Everytime is good time :)

  10. I am looking for a wholesaler to buy ready stock for my fashion/clothing boutique, can I see your collection?

    We are not a fashion wholesaler and we do not carry any seasonal collections or stock. We're a "made-on-order" private label clothing manufacturer and produce as per given design and quantity instruction received from our clients. We make fresh pieces and all we send to clients.

     Also, our company policy does not allow to share one client's style to other.

  11. What about Your Policy on Business Ethics and Code of Conduct?

    Being a government of India registered company and certified by international rating agencies, we have strong commitments towards social, environment and trade practices. Please do read here about our >>

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  1. What kind of garments do you manufacture?

    Being India's most trusted Private Label Clothing Manufacturer and Exporter, we manufacturer almost every kind of garments comes for Men's, Women and Kid's Wear. Please have a look on the bellow - 

    Men's Wear - 

    Men's blazers, Men's casual jackets, Men's winter jackets, Men's vests, Men's shorts, Men's jeans, Men's pants, Men's sweaters, Men's woolen garments, Men's pullovers, Men's dress shirts, Men's casual shirts, Men's T-shirts, Men's polo shirts, 

    Women Wear - 

    Women's blazers, Women's casual jackets, Women's winter jackets, Women's vests, Ponchos, Camisole, Kaftans, Women's shorts, Women's jeans, Women's pants, Women's overalls, Women's sweaters, Women's cardigans, Winter knitwear, Women's woolen garments, Women's pullovers, Women's shirts, Women's tank tops, Women's polo shirts, Women's T-shirts, Women's skirts

    Kid's Wear - 

    Baby T-shirts, Baby pants, Baby shirts, Baby rompers, Baby dresses, Baby clothing sets, Baby sleepwear, Baby knitwear, Baby shorts, Baby long-sleeved T-shirts, Children's T-shirts, Children's pants, Children's jeans, Girls' dresses, Children's polo shirts, Children's shirts, Girls' skirts, Children's shorts, School uniforms, Children's long-sleeved T-shirts, Children's Duffle Coat

    Sports Wear - 

    Golf apparel, Sports shorts & pants, Yoga dresses,


    Further, if you find your requirement does not fall under any one of above, please do not hesitate to write us. We would like to assure our technical expert team can meet your requirement.

  2. What about screen printing and embroidery?

    We offer screen printing and embroidery services with modern state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. You can choose from a myriad of printing techniques, ranging from screen printing, direct to garment, foil, soft hand, and flocking, to other textured special effects. We can also do intricate hand embroidery and beadings. Please contact us for minimums.

  3. Can you source fabric?

    Being located in India, we have good access to large number of textile companies. Our customers usually prefer to source their fabrics by us. If you are not that familiar or particular, we can help in fabric sourcing and / or point you in the right direction.

    Other than fabric, we can do all kinds of sourcing such as trims and other input material for a custom order.

  4. What are your minimums (MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity)?

    We are the hard-core clothing manufacturer and work as OEM /" target="_blank">ODM for most of our clients where every order is different to the other. Hence our minimum order quantities varies based on style / design detailing, base fabric and quite a few other aspects of your requirement.

    For reference:

    • For single / solid color - 50 pcs per style per color (mix size)
    • For ready available printed fabric - 100 pcs per style per color (mix size)
    • For custom print fabric - 200 pcs per style per color (mix size)


  5. What is your turnaround or lead time?

    We typically turn items around in 4-6 weeks, depending on the quantities ordered. Of course, any delay in fabric or trims or approvals by the buyers and details will adjust the schedule accordingly.

    For sampling we take 2 weeks in general. Much depends on style detailing as well. Hence the best is, after discussion with our representative on your style you take the turn around time.

  6. If I do work with you, can I have the fabric sent directly to you?

    Yes. When you have placed an order, fabric can be sent directly to us and we can store it until we cut and sew it. This is very common. However, since many fabrics originates from Asia itself, our long distance buyers always gives samples of their desired fabric and we buy for them at our location only. This is very cost effective practice always.

  7. What services do you offer?

    We're a full service Private Label Clothing Manufacturer which essentially incorporates all kinds of services which you require to bring your imagination into reality. Our services enables you to get "ready to sell" garments meeting your design, quality and aesthetic standards.

    Please have a look on the following services - 

    • Fashion, Graphic and Technical Design Development
    • Material and Trims Sourcing
    • All Kinds of Printing, Pleating & Embroidery
    • Sequins and Beads Work
    • Hand as well as Machine Smocking Work
    • Custom Trims Development
    • Hang Tags, Woven & Care Labels
    • Garment & Fabric Testing, Lad Dip
    • Pattern-making
    • Fitting
    • Samples & Sample Duplicates
    • Costing
    • Grading
    • Marking
    • Cutting (only as a part of cutting and sewing, not a standalone service)
    • Sewing
    • Finishing (as part of cutting and sewing services only)
    • Packaging
    • Sourcing and Production Management
    • Quality Control
    • Line Sheet
    • Catalogue / Look Book
    • Door step delivery across world (DHL / TNT / FedEx / UPS and many more)

    If anything is left and you require from us, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

  8. What measures you take for quality control?

    We practice an UNIQUE "7 step quality control process" aims to deliver the product which meets your standard. Every single piece we manufacture, goes through stringent test at every critical stage of the product development namely -

    1. Sourcing of fabric
    2. Grey fabric procurement
    3. After the fabric is printed/dyed
    4. Line checking before cutting
    5. Line checking after sewing
    6. Measurement & hygiene check after finishing
    7. Final inspection before and after packaging

    Other than above, our quality control team ensures the following and put OK stickers on each before it goes for boxing - 

    1. No whole in any fabric/garment.
    2. No lose threads.
    3. No stitching errors.
    4. 100% preshrunk.
    5. No stains.
    6. No printing mistakes.
    7. According to provided sizes with 1 to 1.5 cm tolerance
    8. Quality packing
  9. When does the clock start for my order turnaround time?

    The turnaround time starts from the day we receive the payment as per the proforma invoice we send against each order.

  10. What should I do if there is an error or issue with my order?

    If there is an error or issue with your order, please contact us immediately. Your 100% satisfaction is utmost importance to us. But after all, we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. We have several standards, policies and procedures in place to assure our quality commitments and correct if anything wrong has taken place.

  11. How can I check my order status?

    You could simply leave an e-mail keeping your Proforma Invoice Number in subject and a relevant person from our team will assist you further. Your performa invoice number is your order number as well.

  12. How to ensure my designs are secure with you?

    At Billoomi, we have a non-disclosure policy. We do not disclose our clients name, their style, reproduce client's style for another. Sometimes, we display our previous work as our portfolio on the website and social media page(s). But, we can remove it from there on special notices if the other party doesn’t want us to disclose their designs.


    Your personal as well as design information will never be sold, given, or otherwise transmitted to a third party. We are fully committed to protect your privacy. To strengthen it further, we are always open to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients – as and when required.


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  1. Are you the cheapest?

    Yes. We are one of the most competitive. The reason we have strategically located our manufacturing unit in New Delhi is so that you can benefit in the cost saving of at least 50% compared to your domestic companies. With our factory, we can make your production with low minimums. Our comprehensive services are one of a kind in Asia. Most of our competitors are purely just sewing contractors, and you have to have the right product for their facility or else they won't work with you. We go beyond that to support you in each stage of the development process from fabric and trim sourcing, garment testing, lab dip, and other related work that is needed for producing garments.

  2. What is your payment terms?

    When we begin work, we will give you an estimate of your production cost based on design, specification and total quantity. If our cost suits you, you will give us the production order through email. Production order needs to be placed along with  70% payment of total production cost. Rest 30% will have to be given us before the shipment. You can pay us by bank transfer, or PayPal, or WesternUnion.

  3. Why do you need payment to begin work?

    As the service provider, we are the source for the actual creation of garments. We want to take care of our employees, and make sure that they get paid. Besides,there are often miscellaneous charges such as sourcing or fabrics and accessories, lab dips, trim purchases, sample yardages, etc. and these need to be paid for immediately. Altogether, your payment with the production order makes the order more accountable and serious.

  4. Can you provide me your price list?

    Being a private label clothing manufacturer, our prices are not fixed. We need to know your design detailing, specification and total quantity which you want us to produce for you. We always produce "on order" garments.

  5. What is the cost of X type of garment?

    Being a “made on order” clothing manufacturing factory, our production prices are not fixed. Rather we work out the price for each of your garment based on style detailing and total quantity. Hence this is premature to give you any random price without understanding your design, specification and total quantity. Only sampling price is fixed.

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Shipping & Logistics

  1. Can you give me an estimate of shipping cost?

    The shipping cost always depends on two things - weight and destination. Hence if you are ready with these two pieces of information, we can give you an estimated shipping cost.


    However, please note that due to frequent change in rate of fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes; the shipping cost keeps varying time to time. Also, the estimated weight of consignment affects the actual shipping cost.


    Hence it is not possible to give you exact shipping cost way prior to the time of shipment. In fact, to make it simple we quote ex-factory or FOB price (without freight). Once the consignment is ready, we negotiate with different carriers and arrange the most cost effective as well as hassle-free shipment for you.

  2. Can you manage our entire shipping?

    We have dedicated team in place which offers hassle-free logistic solution for your consignment including documentation, custom clearance, and doorstep delivery. DHL, FedEx and UPS are our primary carriers. However, we might also use different courier services, which seem best for the delivery location.


    Other than air shipment, if you want we can arrange seaways shipments as well depending upon consignment weight and port of destination.

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Business Ethics and Certifications

  1. Are You 100% Export Unit?

    • Being 100% Export Unit, we accept export orders and receive payments in foreign currencies (USD, GBP, Euro, AUD etc) only.
    • We do not deal in INR (Indian Rupees)
    • We do not deal with any domestic orders where India based business entity wants delivery of goods within India only. 
    • We're a certified Overseas Clothing Manufacturing Unit 
  2. Are You a Registered Company?

    Besides our registration at several social and environmental agencies, trade unions, export promotion councils, and rating agencies, Billoomi Fashion is incorporated under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Govt of India.

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