Billoomi Low Price Guarantee Programme

"I wish if I could have increased our profitability. But I do not know how to reduce the production cost on some of our best sellers?"

We have come across various customers across the globe saying "I wish if I can increase our profitability. But I do not know how to save the production cost on some of our best seller styles?"

Carrying more than decades of experience of manufacturing over millions of styles using several kinds of fabric materials, we claim to be the most cost effective clothing manufacturer! In 99 out of 100 times, we have either worked out better price keeping same quality standard and quantity or we have come up with ways how to reduce the manufacturing cost by doing some small correction in style. 

At beginning of conversation about our "Low Price Guarantee" program, many of the clothing line owners do not believe it but finally we help them to bring down the manufacturing cost of their many of styles which resulted huge saving in their production cost!! You will understand how manufacturing price varies factory to factory.


This program is strictly for :


  • Your quantity must be minimum 100 pcs per style per color

  • Any of your existing style (not new development)

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