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Being a Private_Label_Clothing_Manufacturer, we use to take care of confidentiality issues all the time. We sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with most of our clients which prevents us to reveal their name, showcase their styles and other details which might be misused. Hence our several clients do not want us to reveal their identity / design that we're the one who has actually manufactured their collection. Our clients express their happiness with our work during in-person meetings and/or one-to-one conversation, but they avoid writing in public.

Hence unlike other business, we use to get less number of reviews which we can actually publish in the name of billoomi fashion review. 

I love Billoomi Fashion because the commitments and promises they make and keep. Hard to find companies you want to work with and trust, but that is exactly what you get with Billoomi Fashion. We have been working with Daniel for 5+ years and have never been disappointed. Without Billoomi Fashion, we would be lost!

- Michelle R. Lowery - TX 78666, USA

I remember my first sampling with Billoomi sometime in 2014, and I never looked back. It was so perfect that I kept repeating this company since I started for all my sampling and production. I live my dream of running my own clothing line due to team Billoomi Fashion. Thank you so much!

Carmen J. Salvador - San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


We always take pride to hear our customers where their good words are the responsibility, their cretics are helpful to turn into better than the best company. If you have something to say, please do not hesitate to contact us today!