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This page aims to make you familiar with our key business practice, pricing and some of the vital terms which must be described before we step ahead towards the long and close association. Billoomi Fashion® aims to facilitate a fair, transparent and quality business relations with you always! We encourage you to go through our each of points below and allow us to serve you better!


Against your enquiry you receive an email in which we ask you to share the requirement detail which essentially means 3 things : Design Details, Specifications and Total Quantity (be it small or big).


We do the feasibility study of given requirement details whether it fits into our capability or not. If yes, we will send you the production prices back to you. If you find our prices doable, we proceed for the sampling first.


After taking necessary details, we send you the proforma (sampling) invoice asking 100% advance deposit towards the sampling.


After receiving the 100% advance deposit we begin the sampling. Before Billoomi Fashion® sends the final sample, it first sends the sample image so that in case any comment, sample can be rectified before the shipping.


You receive the sample(s) and provide the approval (if all okay) or comments (in case any amendments / correction) to proceed for production. If there is a minor comments, we straightaway proceed for production. In case major comment, Billoomi Fashion® re-manufacture the sample incorporating your comments and get it production ready.


We send you the proforma invoice for bulk production (final required quantity) asking "advance deposit" (not 100%). Once advance payment is received, Billoomi Fashion® begins the production.


After receiving the advance deposit for the production order, we do manufacture final samples in each size you have ordered with final embellishment (if any), original dyeing (mill dyed fabric), including all custom label and tag along with final comment in case anything added / amended at the time of sampling (milestone 5). After getting your final approval we proceed for the bulk (final quantity whatever ordered in each style / model / design and each size).


Once production is completed, Billoomi Fashion® asks for balance payment and seeks your advise for shipping (if not discussed initially) - whether Billoomi Fashion® have to ship it or customer himself/herself will get it picked.  


After receiving the balance deposit, Billoomi Fashion® ships the consignment to your given shipping address (or hand over to your agent if you yourself wish to arrange the shipping) and notify you with tracking number.


Can you provide me your price list?

Being a private label clothing manufacturer, our prices are not fixed. We need to know your design detailing, specification (material name at least) and total quantity (whatever small or big) which you want us to produce for you; accordingly we will work out the production prices for you. We always do "made-on-order" garments.



I am Looking for a Wholesaler to Buy Ready Stock for My Boutique / Retail Store. Can I see Your Collection? Or Can You Send Me Your Product Catalogue?

We are not a fashion wholesaler and we do not carry any seasonal collections or stock. We're a custom clothing / private label clothing manufacturer and produce as per given design and quantity instructions received from our customers. We make fresh pieces and all we send to clients.


Also, our company policy does not allow to sell one client's style to other.


What is Your Minimum? 

Our minimum varies based on the style (or model or design) detailing. 


For example:


(1) Style where base fabric is in single color (no print / no embellishments) : 25 pcs per style (mix size)

(2) Styles where you are open to pick ready available prints (no custom prints) for your design : 50 pcs per style (mix size)

(3) Style where any sort of custom printing / embroidery / smocking is required : 100 pcs per style (mix size)

(4) For Denim Outfits with Washing Effects (Dungaree, Shorts, Shirt, Jeans & Jacket) : 100 pcs per style (mix size)

(5) If in your style the base fabric is all over custom print: 200 pcs per style (mix size)

(6) High Fashion Wears (Bridal Dress, Prom Dress, Haut Couture Wears) : 10 pcs per style

(7) Style Contains Sequins & Bead Works : 100 pcs per style (Mix Size)

(8) Styles like Men's and Women's T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatpants : 100 pcs per style (mix Size)


Hence the best if you get this confirmed once you share your requirement details with us.


*A style depicts that unique model / design / look / type of your collection which differentiate one outfit from another. Color / colorways is counted as different style. In one style you can add as much size as you want and it will not affect the manufacturing cost. But if you add color, then we will count you two styles. 


**Minimums goes with style / design details. At factory level there is no minimum as such. It's only the style / design / model and its associated work limits us to put a minimum. Hence in an event if you're going to provide as the fabric, then there is no minimum for manufacturing (CMT).


What is your turnaround / lead time?

In general we take 2-3 weeks for sampling and 9 to 12 weeks for production depending upon design detailing and total quantity.


But it is only a rough standard estimate. Usually orders take that long to complete because we go through all the details with the clients during the process, and get their print approvals, stitching approvals and wait time is added because of lack of communication maintained or incomplete tech pack submitted that increases confusions. The duration of order receiving also depends on the quantity and process complexity of the order. Sometime, turnaround is dependent on the current workload, so if you have a deadline in mind or need an order completed sooner than our standard schedule allows please notify us at the time of ordering and we will try our hardest to accommodate.



Can you please share your price list? What is the cost of X type of garment?

Being a “custom clothing manufacturing factory”, our production prices are not fixed. Rather we work out the price for each of your garment based on style detailing and total quantity. Hence this is premature to give you any random price without understanding your design, specification and total quantity. Only sampling price is fixed.


What is your sampling price? Can't it be free?

Our sampling charge is fixed which is USD 100 per style per color per size.


At Billoomi, sampling is not just sewing a piece of garment. It’s complete R&D (Research and Development) on given design we receive from you. We always produce sample in original fabric meeting your custom design, measurement and other specifications (material and trim instruction). Besides, we advise you in case we come across any design error instead of making whatever wrong or right is drawn or conceptualized.


- Purchasing of original input material for one single piece is always costlier than purchasing of same input material for bulk.

- The sample is also photoshoot ready; being it made in original fabric and meeting all aspects of design details provided by our client.

- We do produce "production ready sample", it means that we do not stop making sample(s) until you're happy and make it final to go for production.

- Before we send the final sample to our client, it takes several rounds of making rough samples / prototyping at our backend to check three major aspects of sample(s) such as - fitment, overall construction and workmanship.


Your comment, correction after first sample is not left unattended. We carefully help you to develop your dream design followed by FREE design consultancy (by our internal team of designers) which enables you to rectify the design error (if any), enhance the production friendliness of style or bring down the production cost (if possible by doing small change without disturbing the original design).


In two event only you get FREE sampling 

- If you place direct production order, then we do not charge for sampling.

- We will waive off the sampling charges at the time of production, provided you place order in same style with 100 pcs per style (mixed size).


Your sampling price is TOO EXPENSIVE. Other manufacturers are not charging this much or less than what you’re charging for sample.

“Expensive” is a relative term. Unless you know what you’re getting comparing our expert services and individual attention towards your work, you can not precisely differentiate the value. Again, at Billoomi Fashion® this is not about making of one piece of garment but a “development” rather. Since at the time of production we waive off* the sampling charges, the sampling becomes FREE eventually.


What if we do not like the sample you made?

First of all, this rarely happens that you do not like things produced by Billoomi Fashion®. However “do not like” usually have two reasons –


Reason - A

You have received a sample where you find that your instruction is not followed such as - measurement, stitching quality, printing / embroidery / smocking detailing, washing effect, improper sequins and beads work etc. Manufacturing related issues.


Reason - B

You are not happy with the outcome of your concept which you created / designed and henceforth you want new sample incorporating new or amended design. You may wish to remove something from original design brief or add something new keeping original design in place as you think that way your garment will be more saleable or attractive.


If your “do not like” is pertaining to reason “A” then, we will request you to share "your detail comment specifying what exactly you did not like" and we will make all new sample FREE of cost incorporating your comment(s).


If there is a case of reason “B”, then we will consider it as new sample and for the same we (may) require sampling charges again. In case you have given 10 designs or above, and after receiving all samples you want to go for production but you want to replace one of your design with new design, then we may not charge for new sampling offer you free sampling (here this will be milestone 7).


Do you take approval on sample from us before starting bulk production?

Always! At Billoomi Fashion®, it’s mandatory to take approval at every step from our client / customer / buyer throughout the garment manufacturing process. Not only at every step, but also on everything such as - measurement, trims, fabric, print etc..


Can I bring my own fabric to Cut and Sew Apparel for embroidery, screen printing, or other services?

Yes, you can. But, not advisable as it unnecessarily increases the cost of production since after arrival of fabric it may incur duty + tax besides the freight / shipping you pay.


Being in India; we have good access of all kinds of fabric and trims. All you need to share your fabric details and we will match your preference. We can send you swatch set relevant to your preference and you can source same (or similar) you would like to go ahead with.


Further our manufacturing takes place in India, so it is expensive for a customer to ship the bulk fabric first, and getting only the cutting and sewing work at Billoomi Fashion®.


However, we have no issues at all if you bear all the logistics and cost to send your own fabrics to us. In that case we will charge you the price (less fabric cost).

When does the clock start for my order turnaround time?


The turnaround time starts from the day we receive the payment as per the proforma invoice we raise after each order be it sampling or production. We do not begin unless we receive the fund.



What if I want to do some correction after I have already placed an order?

It all depends at which stage your order is, and what type of correction you want. In general we accept the correction within 48 hours of placing your order. Once the period of adjustment has passed, we are unable to change it.


What if I want to cancel the order?


You can cancel an order within 48 hours once the payment is made. If the garments that you have ordered have passed the 48 hours period and have been sent for production then a cancellation charge of 50% of the order value will apply.


The bank transaction charges will be passed on to the buyer / client / customer.


How to ensure, my order will not be delayed?

Delaying the manufacturing process increases our cost. Hence we are always more than happy to finish the production in given time frame. Despite all efforts, there are few reasons, which make it delay such as –


- The measurement or design brief received from client is technically incorrect or not proper. Sometime we catch it right at the beginning but at times it is found at the time of quality control stage while we are about to ship the stuff. Hence it is always advisable for clients to ensure you give enough clarity and correct input details. At factory level, we take our measures to check making rough sample for our internal quality purpose.


- The style is not production friendly. There are some styles in which despite the basic measurement we receive from client, we ensure the right fitment of garment on the body. But due to the nature of some fabric or some detailing on the style we do not get right fitment. This at times takes little extra time in sewing or finishing. We avoid rushing the team to ensure quality output is not suffering.


- If your style requires hand works like sequence and bead works, hand embroidery, hand smocking etc. In such cases again, we need to keep balance between the speed of human work and identical quality. Hence always requested to give some breathing time to ensure quality delivery.


- Sometime client takes unexpected time on approval of pre-production samples which case the delay delivery of production as at Billoomi Fashion® we do not step ahead unless and until client is satisfied and approves on asked stage. Eventually, garment-manufacturing work is a multi-skill multi-step procedure where one stage affects others. Hence it is always advisable to keep 1 week at least in hand and remain in responsive mode.


At Billoomi Fashion®, we firmly believe that our customers should be aware of how their garment is being made, so we also give our customer a detailed update of production on request. In case any delays, we inform you about as in the process of garment manufacturing at times things goes beyond control. To meet the expectation level of customers, we give the liberty to our team to ensure proper quality check.


What is your payment term?

There are three kid of works we ask you to pay and term of payment varies based on kind of work, quantity of work and amount value you have to pay us. Please look at below :


Shipping / Freight or import duty and/ or tax -

We take 100% advance 


Sampling -

We take 100% advance deposit 


Production - 

100% Advance - Order Value USD 1000 or below

70% Advance - Order Value USD 1000 to USD 10,000

50% Advance - Order Value USD 10,000 and above


We prefer wire transfer (bank to bank) as the mode of payment for sampling as well as production order.


Under any circumstances, we do not release finished goods / final bulk shipment without receiving the full payment. In case you're not confident about our quality assurance, you may ask for endless number of photo, video or even you can deploy a third party inspection for that matter. 



What are the mode of payment we can choose from?


We accept the payments for sampling as well as production from Bank to Bank Transfers only! For sample shipments in some cases (where amount value is lesser than USD 100) we can take the payment through TransferWise. 



There will be a transaction charge (surcharge) applied (Minimum USD 18 and Maximum USD 35) over and above the total invoice value.


What if one or more of my pieces has errors, what can I do?

This is rarest thing we ever come across. We follow the best 8 layer of quality process which ensures zero tolerance or within the Internationally Approved Tolerance! However if you notice any of your pieces have errors, you need to contact us within 1 weeks (7 days) of receiving the shipment. The first thing you need to do is to send us a photo or a video showing the error in detail. Based on the error we find, we can determine whether you require a repair or full replacement of the defected piece(s). We may ask you to send the sample of defect as well.


Can you give me shipping cost?


The shipping cost always depends on two things - weight and destination. Hence if you are ready with these two pieces of information, we can give you an estimated shipping cost.


However, please note that due to frequent change in fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes; the shipping cost keep varying time to time. Also, the estimated weight of consignment affects the actual shipping cost.


Hence it is not possible to give you exact shipping cost way prior to the time of shipment. In fact, to make it simple we quote ex- factory or FOB price (without freight). Once the consignment is ready, we negotiate with different carriers and arrange the most cost effective as well as hassle-free shipment for you.

Can you manage our shipping?


We have dedicated team in place which offers hassle-free logistic solution for your consignment including documentation, custom clearance, and doorstep delivery. DHL, FedEx and UPS are our primary carriers. However, we might also use different courier services, which seem best for the delivery location.


Other than air shipment, if you want we can arrange seaways shipments as well depending upon consignment weight and port of destination.


What should I do if there is an error or issue with my order?

If there is an error or issue with your order, please contact us immediately (within 2 weeks of delivery). Your 100% satisfaction is utmost importance to us. But after all, we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. We have several standards, policies and procedures in place to assure our quality commitments and correct if anything wrong has taken place.


This is worthwhile to mention that, we take approval at every step and for everything during manufacturing process. Besides that, you're free to ask as much photos, videos as possible before we ship the consignment to you. Hence the chances of defects is almost NIL or very rare. If you want any "third party inspection at your cost" then we're also allow this before sending final bulk if you wish.

Do you have a quality policy?


Yes, we are proud to introduce our policy of 100% quality guarantee for all we manufacture for our clients. Our 100% quality guarantee policy includes:


☑ No hole in any fabric/garment

☑ No loose threads

☑ No stitching errors

☑ 100% preshrunk

☑ No stains

☑ No printing mistakes

☑ According to provided sizes with 1-1.5 cm tolerance

☑ Quality packing

☑ Color fastening

☑ Seam Slippage


How to ensure that our designs are safe while we work with you?


At Billoomi, we have a non-disclosure policy in place. We do not disclose our client's name, their style, reproduce one client's style for another. Sometimes, we display our previous work as our portfolio on the website and social media page(s). But, we can remove it from there on special notices if the other party doesn’t want us to disclose their designs.


Your personal as well as design information will never be sold, given, or otherwise transmitted to a third party. We are fully committed to protect your privacy. To strengthen it further, we are always open to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients – as and when required.

What all information you require to begin the project / order?

We need to have your “requirement details” which are :


1. Your tech pack or rough sketch or a reference sample image

2. Specification - such as measurement, fabric preference, defining the embellishment (if any) etc

3. Total quantity; which you want us to produce


If your quantity is small or you want only sampling, please do not hesitate. Just specify it with your requirement details and we will work out the costing accordingly. If anything is not clear to us or we require more clarity, we will get in touch shortly.


Do you make X type of garments?


We do manufacture all kinds of garment for men, women and children. All you need to provide your style detailing and specification such as material name / quality, print or embroidery detail, lace/trim details, smocking / sequence work details measurement etc. Rest we do as per your brief.


However, there are few things which we do not produce at this moment such as - woollen (knitted) lingeries, cap, socks

Do you have Y type of fabric / trim?


Being located in National Capital Region of India, we have good access of all kinds of fabric and input material. We keep in direct touch with fabric mills / knitters and big suppliers of all kinds of fabric, trims and input material which enables us to offer truly custom made collection for you.


Essentially, we do not have our own stock ever. We source based on the requirement we receive from our clients; be it woven or knitted category of fabric. In an event, where the desired fabric is not available, we get it knitted or woven by our people in mill(s) provided the custom fabric quantity is meeting its required minimums.



Some of the fabric family we frequently asked -

Markin, Canvas, Cambric, Dosuti, Drill, Twills, Poplin, Packing Cloth, Flannel, Rayon, Jacquard, Dobby, Chambray, PK, Cord Fabric, Cotton Flex, Georgette, Crepe, Moscrepe, Corduroy, Voil, Cotton Velvet, Rayon Velvet, Denim (woven & knitted), Tissue, Silk, Organza, Yarn Dyed, Mill Dyed Fabrics, Bosky, Duck, Cotton Ribs, Shantoon, Poly Satin, Ultra Satin, Viscose Satin, Knitted Jersey, Chiffon, Eyelet, Lace / Sequins, Linen, Polyester, Seersucker, Taffeta, Tulle, Velvet etc


We would encourage to visit: to get in idea of world of fabric we mostly deal into.


Can you send a complete fabric swatch?

There are roughly 856+ type of fabric in both natural and synthetic category. If you include the variety in terms of different composition, print, color and widths, the list may goes in millions. Obviously, making a comprehensive list of all fabric is practically not possible. 


At our client’s level, we expect a basic specification in terms of fabric name / family and its composition. Rest we can provide available options in given family and you can choose the best out of given option.


In case, you are not sure with the fabric family name or composition, you simply send one small fabric swatch or a physical sample. We will source the same or similar option for you; out of which you can confirm the one you want us to procure for your bulk production.


Note: In most of cases, we do provide FREE swatches to our customers. But shipping charge needs to be paid by you in advance. Or if you have your express (courier) account with DHL/UPS/FedEx, you can share your account number and we will book the swatch courier on your account. You may discuss this further considering your exclusivity.

Can you provide custom printed fabric?


We're equipped to provide all kinds of textile / fabric printing such as -


Hand block printing, Perrotine printing, Engraved copperplate printing, Roller, cylinder, or machine printing, Stencil printing. Screen printing, Digital textile printing etc.


All you need to provide the print pattern / design. We will first show you a sample / Strike Off, and once you give your approval then we proceed for bulk quantity.

What would be the cost of pattern making for my given style?


We provide the costing for complete make of given style which includes every single services / work we foresee to make the garment. There are roughly 24 different kind of works / factors which require to produce a garment such as - pattern making, sourcing, grading, marking, cost of input material, washing, ironing, layering, buttoning, cutting and so on.


Hence practically it is not possible to give you the detailing of each cost; neither we offer any single service. Our production price will be inclusive of all except shipping. We send you "ready to sell" garment neatly packed in a transparent poly bag with your custom label, size label and tag. You can simply send it to your customer or put into your store for sale!


Can you provide X color of fabric?

Yes! All you need to define your color code. We prefer Pantone and the work will be easier if you can share the right pantone shade code so that we can follow the same here for you.


However, please be aware that few colors create problem in dyeing due to small quantity issues. Hence for small quantity it is always not possible to get correct result after dyeing and while attempting to get right color.

Requested to check with us while you share your requirement brief to our representative. If your quantity is very small - approx 50 pcs per style or even below, we would recommend to pick from ready available color from current fabric stock. Please check with us.


For any reason, pantone reference is not convenient to you then please tell us. We can send you another option for color reference such as telephone shade card or similar. This will be a cheaper option but you will have to compromise with limited color / shade variants.

There is another option is that, you send your fabric swatch in desired color. We will check the availability of same fabric same color with our supplier. If we find that, we can send you and take it forward. If not, we can give you similar options in same fabric and in nearby color options.


Can you develop custom private label, tag, wash care for my clothing line?

Being a full service private label clothing manufacturer, we’re well equipped to develop all required main label, tag, care label, size label etc. We will provide you FREE custom labels unless your quantity is less than 300 pcs (including all styles and sizes) and in an event your quantity is less than 300 pcs we will charge US$ 250 additional for custom label / tag development.


The artwork of your custom label will be provided by you in PDF format.


If you have your label / tag with you, you can simply send it to us and we will put in your collection while we manufacture it.

What if we would like meet you? Can we visit your facility?

We would love to meet and greet you at our facility. In order to make our meeting productive, please do as follows :


- Do share the requirement details before scheduling any in-person meeting. Allow us to do the feasibility study whether we can meet your requirement or not, whether our price is found suitable to you or not.


- Do inform about your coming in advance so that we can ensure the availability of key person(s) whom you can discuss the further details.  


What is your working days and hours?

Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 6:30 PM, IST
Saturday: 10 AM to 2 PM IST
Sunday: Weekly Off

Where to contact if I have more questions?

Just leave a message through any of the following channel, and we will respond at earliest possible time!


Email ID 1:
Email ID 2:
WhatsApp: +91-9999300966



You’re Welcome to The Serious Business!



Billoomi Fashion® is a professionally run and process oriented clothing manufacturer. In order to attain the inquiry seriously and serve you better, it is always advisable to have basic preparation and understanding at your end. Your requirement detail is very first thing which you need to keep ready and always provide a good amount of information.


Note the following points, at last:


  • Be ready with what items you want to make & how many of each.

  • Be specific about the fabrics you wish to use such as; Solid / Plain Single Color, or Custom Printed (your own print pattern), or Anything similar from readily available printed fabric stock?

  • If you don't know much about fabrics then start researching at your end. At least explore here:

  • Don’t insist for custom printed printed fabric if you don’t have your own artwork you wish to print? Rather, allow us to source something similar from ready stock to save the cost and time.

  • Give a name or code number to each style (product) so that in case we communicate, we speak that name and we both remain on same page. Suppose you have 10 different styles of dresses, give a name or code number to each style of dress.

  • Don’t ask for custom label and tag at sampling stage. This is advisable at production stage; else it will be too costly.

  • Do not create new subject line once we have sent you proforma invoice (whether this is for sampling or production) keeping the proforma invoice  no in subject. Do not compose new mail with new subject line if you’re talking about any of your running order. This makes response delay.

  • Do not get worried if you do not receive instant reply from us. For instant reply, connect on whatsapp. Due to time zone difference and other priorities, we may not respond to mails as quickly as expected. Rest assured that each of email is closely monitored by our senior management team and considering the subject matter, every email is responded in less than 1 to 48 hours.   


Let's Begin with Billoomi Fashion®